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How to win a logo design contest?

stillet af saranya sripada 16 november, 2016

I gave entries for nearly 10-15 logo design contests. I got 1-4 stars for some and some are rejected. some didn't get any response. I was thinking to continue to upload logo's for contests then i may win. I was loosing hope day by day. Is it a good idea to go on participating in contests daily??

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Christian Hermogino
Christian Hermogino
svarede 6 år siden
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Hi there. To win on a Logo contest and beat the rest including the best, you just need to;

First understand the contest holder's needs and wants. Read the contest brief thoroughly.

Second. Use google. Make quick research, gather some materials that's similar to what the contest want. Start drafting an entry. Make at least 1 or 2 design with different perspective.

Third, explain your artwork. So like what you need to do first, the contest holder also need to understand what you got there, where the idea came from, will this work or not, etc..

Lastly, Always ask for feedback. Be humble and make connections with the contest holder. They are here because they are looking for solutions. Let there be the solutions they're looking coming from you.

A simple advice. Never stop learning. There are a lot of new articles that will absolutely teach you how to be an effective logo designer and how to win a client.

Good luck and cheers.

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ShadowCast MediaWorks

Everyone has gone through that process ,don't think about the prize.Think only about getting a review on your page,it increases your chances of being a good freelancer.Start with a small prize and little hardwork because that is the contest where you will find less entries(almost).Also i will suggest you to sketch the ideas on a paper and do it one by one.This way you won't get distracted by other entries usually most have the same concept.

P.S.If you have the time to participate then do work ,unknowingly you are sure to improve.

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svarede 9 måneder siden
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You are per contest 27 entries submit and learn day by day and contest discription read maybe you are win the contest.

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