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How to win a bid in a recruiter's project ?

stillet af Kreaterz 8 juni, 2016

It has been a six months of the journey in I am curious to know how do my get selected in a recruiter's project. Are there any special criteria or methods that we need to adopt for winning a recruiter project ?

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svarede 3 år siden
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To bid on Recruiter projects, you need to be a Preferred Member of Freelancer. Here is some info on that:

There is a handy checklist of Eligibility Requirements, ranging from ID verification to employer ratings to repeat hire rate. If you need the requirements, you can apply to be considered for the Preferred Membership.

Once you become Preferred, you can bid on top projects through recruiters, and recruiters will also send you notices of new projects you might be good for.

Good luck!

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