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How can you reasonable bid in Freelancer on a job without much detail?

stillet af Tim Kelley 17 januar, 2016

I see many that say "need some data entry" which really tells me nothing. People are bidding on them and they get awarded the job and it may be a job I want. However, without any details like how much data, or where it has to be entered (i.e. spreadsheet, website) I am just blindly bidding and that doesn't seem to make any sense.

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svarede 1 year ago
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You are completely right, many employers posting projects on do not provide enough information in their descriptions. This is often due to the fact, that they are posting a project for the first time.

As a freelancer, I started bidding on projects with my skills and in case if the employer found my bid interesting, I was contacted.

I then had the opportunity to discuss more about the project, to find out what is was about exactly... and most importantly: to explain to the employer how to use different functions here on this platform, in order to make the project a success and to share some of the experience that I was able to win over time I am on

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