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Can't get my picture onto my profile

stillet af Reitira 27 april, 2016

I have reduced the size of my picture, tried both png and jpg formats and have had no success in getting my profile picture onto my profile. I can't get work until the picture is up, so what can I do, please?

The picture seems to upload, but then the site shows a revolving icon that usually means "working". Yet there's no conclusion - the picture never appears on my profile - and I've been trying for hours.

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svarede 4 år siden
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This was happening to me also when I first started, so I understand. Make sure you are on the page in your account that says update your profile. It is usually the page where you can access and update all your other personal information. Import your picture here; it will appear and also on the same page when you want to place a bid.

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