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For decades, a large percentage of American homes and individuals have dutifully paid their steep cable bills. Over the years the prices have only risen, and finally the term ‘cord-cutting’ has changed from a fancy tech word to a global mainstream option.

The option of receiving any kind of entertainment you want without having a huge cable bill has lured individuals away. Streaming services, such as Dish Network’s Sling TV, includes popular cable channels and HBO now. Amazon and Netflix have also sourced their own producers, releasing a series of great American shows.

Ditching cable TV is arguably one of the best decisions you can make. The money you would spend on your cable bill is better off saved in your bank account. It’s time to craft your own package of home entertainment shows and just enjoy them.

Unfortunately, with all this choice comes the challenge of understanding these new, unfamiliar services and choosing which combination would serve your needs at the lowest price. Let’s go through an easy guide allowing you to finally ditch cable.

1. Getting a digital antenna

Switching from cable to the new digital TV options means antennas are used to act as a type of electrical cable to connect outlets located around your home. You must make sure you get a good signal with your antenna, otherwise it could be unwatchable. You can source a “do it yourself” digital TV antenna if you prefer to set it around your home by yourself. PHP developers allow you to apply CSS to the admin area. The purpose of the antenna is to capture an electric field, and deliver it to the receiver.

The signal of digital TV travels over a single path, from the transmitter to the receiver. Television signals actually travel through multi paths by bouncing off buildings, and even mountains. The reflected signals are often transmitted much later than the main signal. Digital antennas are susceptible to multipath but the newer antenna designs do a much better job rejecting it. Using arrays in Javascript will allow you to easily avoid multipath signals, or even corrupt signals if the need arises.

The narrower the antenna’s receiving beam width, the more gain it has. Individuals in rural areas have their stations set up at two or more compass headings. For a strong working signal to be delivered, the antenna must be situated in a straight, direct line with the signal from the station. With HTML you can learn more on the costs and convenience that can be factored in with your antenna.

2. Getting a streaming box or a smart TV

It turns out that cord cutting actually saves you money. The next step is to determine what gadget or gadgets are necessary in order to tune in. You can watch most online TV on your PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet using the latest Mobile app development, or check out Javascript, which has resource websites linking you to digital sites.

Smart TVs allow you to discover a whole new world of television by connecting to the internet. The TV needs to be connected to a broadband internet service, and then the integrated internet capabilities are endless. You can connect using a router or an Ethernet cable, but some sets allow you to connect using your home Wi-Fi.

Using some of the web services seen in XML, ASP and even Adobe Flash, the internet sends the picture and sound to your device. If there are problems with your broadband speed, the video might keep pausing (buffering) as you continue to view it.

Keep in mind that the closer your streaming box or smart TV is to the router, the faster your connection speed will be. Once you are connected to the internet and begin to use your smart TV, you will enjoy the real benefits of digital TV.

3. Select one or several streaming services

The availability and consumption of entertainment shows online are growing all the time. As consumers view more of their content online, we are seeing the products and services offered decrease in quality.

It’s therefore very important for users to invest in quality networks that will drive exciting entertainment shows to your home. Google analytics allows consumers to view and determine the best channels to watch. The new generation of Digital TV brings about over 100 channels (some with nothing on them) into your home. You need to make a choice on which channels you prefer. Tools such as Excel, Data Entry and even Transcription reveals that good quality television shows are found in Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu after the season’s air.  

These online streaming services release the services a day after the seasons have premiered. Some streaming services premiere the seasons live, allowing consumers to watch in real time. Streaming networks like DirecTV Now and Sling TV release the TV seasons on the same day they air, which is a big plus for those who like to be "ahead" with the TV shows.

To determine some of the best live streaming sites and services, you can outsource expert services from freelancers, guaranteed to give you detailed and comprehensive feedback on exactly what you need.

4.  Try curated content

The internet and digital TV have provided a platform for new content creators, rights holders, broadcast networks, productions and other players. The new, spurred innovation has brought a new pathway and content to more viewers. Consumers are often faced with so many options, known as the “tyranny of choice.”

A great way to solve this is to find a curating site. A curating site that will scale the industry and break down the current trends allows you to find what you prefer to watch.

Google analytics provides the best analysis on whatever show or production company you are searching for. Most of the viable productions have accessible content writing, allowing you to decide whether a certain show is what you want in your home.

5.  The Prestige TV Grazer

In the early years, the top TV shows moved from networks to cable. A similar trend is following. The internet has allowed various shows and productions to move from cable to the streaming community. Today, most of America’s top shows are streamed across the globe.

The best way to watch your favorite shows is through paying subscriptions. Netflix offers a number of universally acclaimed TV shows such as House of Cards, Schmidt, Orange Is the New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy. Once the complete season is released, consumers are able to enjoy the series in the comfort of their home or anywhere they choose, as long as they have an active subscription and are able to get online and stream the show.

Amazon also produces great shows like, Bosch, Alpha House, and Transparent. For HD streaming, Amazon costs only $99 per year. This covers video and a variety of other services. Netflix, which is the most commonly used service for streaming shows, costs $8.99 per month for HD streaming. The prestigious network HBO offers subscriptions for $15 per month.

Among the reasons why individuals opt not to subscribe is because they prefer only one or two shows out of all that are offered. The best way to watch your favorite show may be with a subscription. Subscriptions also come with benefits such as Email marketing, where you receive notifications and any necessary information through your email. You can also contact the network directly with your query or suggestion. The benefits of Mobile app development are also fully manifested once you subscribe and gain access to your favorite show anywhere.

6.  Serial Binge Watching

Entertainment is becoming an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you are an avid TV watcher, especially one with unpredictable TV show tastes, it’s cost-effective to think of setting up a financial plan. The expense of buying DVDs should not even be a factor. You can opt to buy 26 seasons of TV for the price of a year of cable. For live, must-watch TV moments, such as the Super Bowl, World Cup or the Oscars, a TV antenna comes in handy.

Summing it up

The United States alone has recorded over 10 million subscribers who have cut their pay-tv cords. Every day consumers make the wise decision to turn away from the traditional pay- TV services, citing the cost of their subscription.

Other reasons to turn away from the traditional methods is poor customer service, lack of quality television content or technical issues. The trend is growing, and experts predict a dramatic ratio shift in the coming years.

Do you have anything to share about making the decision to cut the cord? Or perhaps a query? You are welcome to post them in the comment section below.

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