Here Are 6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Content Marketing

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Content marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies available to business. It has the benefit of low upfront cost and a high Return on Investment (ROI) potential. It is surprising that majority of businesses (especially small businesses) are still contemplating if content marketing is right for their business.

Other marketing strategies employed by small and large businesses alike, include direct mail, referrals, networking, events, ads, and so on. The disadvantage of many of these tactics is high cost.

Content marketing is a newer tactic, and it is preferred because is predictable, mainstream and cost-effective. The truth is that if you’re already using a marketing strategy, you can add content marketing to the mix with ease, since it is not expensive and has compelling statistics to indicate likely success.

It is not a surprise that Seth Godin said content marketing is the only marketing left. This is because irrespective of the kind of unique content you produce (be it a podcast, blog posts, or videos), it has the potential of turning consumers seeking information, into customers. The following reasons mentioned below gives further reasons why your business needs content marketing.

1. One marketing strategy is rarely enough

With the growth in the use of the internet, you need more than one marketing strategy to capture an audience, and increase your customer base. Content marketing is unique in the sense that it is flexible. Whether you are already focused on SEO, running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, or social media marketing campaign, you can effortlessly fuse content marketing into the mix.

Content marketing complements the other three strategies. PPC is used to optimize the landing page. A customer may not be in the buying stage, but could be seeking information concerning a product or business. When you create content that answers those questions, it can drive those customers to your business. On leaving your blog post, you can use Adwords Remarketing to show them advertisements.

If your website is already SEO optimized, it means you are already aware of the importance of keywords in boosting search rankings. A blog post gives you the opportunity to incorporate more keywords that will further improve your ranking in a way that seems natural and inexpensive.

Most businesses already have social media accounts, but they struggle to find contents to share with their audience. Creating your unique content, you will be able to improve the interaction between your business and your customers.

2. Available statistics on marketing strategies are in favor of content marketing

Research carried out by Content Marketing Institute for both business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) has revealed that 76 percent of B2C and 88 percent of B2B companies employ content marketing as their marketing strategy. Implementing a marketing strategy just because everyone else is doing it may not be a good reason, but you risk being left behind if you don’t follow the crowd.

A good reason why you should give content marketing strategy serious thought is by analyzing how it has helped other businesses. Segue Technologies, for example, was able to increase their page view by 3,000 percent within a year through an increase in content production, to average blog posts of four per week. Improved content can increase on-site conversation which can boost visitor count.

It’s estimated that fifty percent of businesses are nursing plans to invest more in content marketing in the future. Positive return on investment for inbound marketing has been recorded by 82 percent of marketers who blog.

3. Content marketing can drive targeted traffic to your website

According to studies, content marketing obtains better leads than traditional messaging-based interruption. It has also proven to be better in converting traffic to leads, and doubles the average conversion rate from 6 to 12 percent. This is because you are simultaneously providing information about your offer to your customers.

The traffic generated by content is high-quality because the visitors already have an interest in the content. Content marketing creates a connection between the customer and business. Some strategists consider content marketing as the only relationship-based marketing that is scalable.

4. Boost the awareness of your brand

In North America, B2B marketers have brand awareness as their primary goal, according to Forbes. Brand awareness is a task that needs time and patience to accomplish. Companies and organizations that are willing to pay the price get to their destination faster.

Interesting contents that read like stories grabs people’s attention. When contents are well crafted, readers will be enthusiastic to share it with their friends, which helps you to expand your brand’s awareness. This is not the case if you have content that gets filled with Excel spreadsheets and boring data. Brands that publish entertaining and useful contents always witness a skyrocket of their awareness.

5. The risk involved in content marketing is minimal

All marketing strategies usually have some form of upfront cost attached to them; whether it is ad display or PPC campaign social media ads. It usually takes trial and error to get the perfect blend of strategies that drive optimum quality traffic to your website.

Content marketing, on the other hand, has little or no upfront cost since the publishing will likely be on your website. Keeping it up and running is not tied to any cost. The failure of one content is not fatal. In fact, you can learn from your audience’s comments and tailor your contents by their response, which will help you tweak your next post without losing much.

6. Build a community of loyal customers

Good content usually has a call to action at the end. This invites the readers to add their opinion on the topic. It gives a sense of belonging to consumers that leads to increased loyalty. Findings have shown that six out of ten consumers will easily recommend a brand if they follow them on social media.

Interesting content is one of the top three reasons that convince consumers to follow a particular brand on social media. Also, custom content provided by a particular company has been reported to instill a positive feeling in sixty percent of consumers. Bad content is a major reason why content marketing fails.

The ultimate goal of every company is to increase their sales, or the demand for their services. More findings have shown that 61 percent of consumers would readily buy from a company if they create custom content. Custom content makes a business transparent, and by extension, increase consumer trust for that brand.

Consumers are impressed when a company can provide answers to their questions. This strategy is useful in winning over customers who have no prior knowledge of the brand. Consistency is the key when you are using content marketing. Once you have begun, there is no going back. For example, if you churn great contents for six months and take a break because you have become too busy, you risk losing your audience.

The most glaring advantage content marketing has over other marketing strategies is that the content is yours forever. Ads are pulled down after a stipulated time, but content remains there forever. If you are inexperienced in creating good content, you can outsource it to an agency. This is another valuable option that is far cheaper than investing in advertising.

Have you already invested in content marketing? What is your experience so far? If you are yet to key into content marketing, let us know what is holding you back through the comments below.

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