Ways to Improve Wordpress Security

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It is important to always maintain and check for security threats when you're running a website, be it a Wordpress one or not. Protecting both your content and the followers of your site is paramount. Financial information may get hijacked by intruders, content can be changed into something else overnight, so on and so forth. Anything can happen on the Web, so you may want to take note of these security measures that you can take to improve the security of your website. Here are some points you need to check:


Secure Web host: You need to choose a proper, secure Web host for the website that provides a proper firewalled host over virus attacks.

Updates over software installed: All the plugins and the Wordpress version installed on the site require regular updates to be done whenever available to ensure the security of the entire website.

Password checks: You need to ensure that all the passwords are highly confidential and should be secure enough to avoid attacks. You can set the password by following the password checks on this website: http://luigimontanez.com/2010/password-recipes/

Check for admin username: It is never safe to set the admin login user name as “admin” as it can open you up to an attack for the password of the backend admin.

Hiding the username in the author archive list : You should also check the other option, in which the admin username can be checked by attackers so we need to hide usernames from attackers and provide alternate actions.

Disable dashboard edits: In order to ensure security over the theme content files of the website you need to disable the dashboard via edit access for the administrators so all these edit options should be maintained via FTP .

Maintenance of regular backups: You can add the required backup plugins to the website and maintain scheduled backups to ensure the safety of the website content.

Check for database security: You need to check and maintain proper database usernames and passwords to avoid attacks of the database, which forms the complete backbone of Wordpress. 

Plugins and security: A lot of free open source plugins are available in the Wordpress site repository for developers to integrate into their website. A few popular plugins used under this category include All in One WP Security & Firewall, Word Fence Security, Bulletproof Security, and iThemes Security.

WordFence security: You can check on how the Word fence Security plugin enhances the security action. Here's how. Download the plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/ and add it to your plugin installation. This plugin first checks if the site contents are infected by any previous threats by checking a source code level server scan. It improves the speed of the site at the same time. This software is also free, with an open community that offers support for any issues with the plugin. Among its major security features are firewall-checking measures, IP-blocking over any particular list of IPs mentioned by administrators to avoid attacks, access over a particular country region, current live traffic site checking, comment spam checking, automatic scheduled scans, automatic plugin update with updated features when released, automatic admin email alerts, monitoring space used on server, scanning files outside the WP directory, avoiding login trials over password, etc.

Using all of the steps above, you can improve the security of your Wordpress site in a jiffy. Good luck keeping the threats away!

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