Typography Designs That Can Make Your Wedding Project Extra Special

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Wedding invitations are your guests’ sneak peek into your big day. In terms of design, the colors and typography you choose play crucial roles in setting the overall tone and motif.

So question is, what kind of typography are you going for? Here’s a rundown of the typography designs you can build on for your wedding invitation to be as timeless as your love.


Classic (but fun)

They say less is more, and classic typography portrays true sophistication in mere minimalist manner. Cursive or print, this is a great choice for couples who prefer elegantly themed wedding invitations.

More so, your wedding invite doesn’t have to look too traditional to be considered “classic”. While this style has its own rules, it helps to bend the rules a little for a more modern feel.



Bold (but endearing)

While “bold” usually denotes the use of solid and striking sans serif or serif styles, it can also be complemented with cursive typography. This softens the overall design of your wedding invitation, and makes it easier on the eyes. Bold typography can come off rather masculine, but with the right design, your wedding invite will just be as standout as you and your special someone on your big day.


Playful (but balanced)

Some couples like it whimsical and playful. This type is the perfect complement to the festivity you are going for in your wedding invitations. This is the time to go all out with fun designs and typography.



Rebellious (but with a heart)

Dark and grungy have always defined rebel, and this gives the deviant vibe that makes it an excellent, unorthodox counterpart of traditional white, minimalist designs. You can go all black or add a splash of color; and likewise for the typography which can be purely bold or a mixture of bold and cursive. Of course, the typography veers away from the sweet-looking cursive and clean, simple serif and sans serif.


Check out some typography design inspirations on Pinterest and find a freelance illustrator to help you out. You can find us there, too. Follow us! ☺

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