Top Notch Freelancers Need Top Notch Profiles

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Once you’ve placed a bid, it’s likely that the employer will browse through your profile in depth. There are a number of things that they’re going to be looking for. If you'd like to become a Preferred Freelancer, we need you to have a high-quality profile. Follow these steps to make sure your profile is fully optimized and meets our quality standards:

1) Upload a Professional Profile Image

If you are a sole freelancer, your profile image needs to be a professional-looking photo of you. If you are a company, then you are welcome to use your company logo. The profile image is one of the first things that employers see, so be sure to make a good first-impression!

2) Write a Detailed Profile Description

Your profile description needs to sell you and / or your company. Write a short and eye-catching paragraph about why an employer should choose you. Then go into detail about your experience and background. Make sure not to have spelling or grammar mistakes!

3) Add High-Quality Work to your Portfolio

Your portfolio is absolutely critical because it’s an opportunity for you to showcase your previously completed projects. If you are a top-notch freelancer, you should be proud of the work you do. This feeds directly into the sales process. If you have a high-quality profile, it will make it easier for you convince the employer to work with you.

Don't forget you need to have at least 8 items in your portfolio!

4) Maintain Profile Stats

When you’re working on the site, be sure to maintain high profile stats. Here are the key stats that we’ll be monitoring, along with basic required scores in each area:

For exam information please click here.

5) Detailed Reviews build Trust and Credibility

If you deliver quality work for your employers, encourage them to leave detailed feedback about why they enjoyed working with you. When employers are making their decision to hire you, they will be reviewing the ratings and reviews of past employers. Ideally, you want to be able to use these reviews as testimonials for you and your workmanship.

6) Keep your profile verified

  • KYC approved
  • Email Verified. 

This 6-Step process will help you to craft one of the most compelling profiles on the site. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email at

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