How to Get Back on Track After a Long Freelancing Break

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The freelancing life has its perks. You decide on how many projects you can commit yourself to, and when and how you’ll get them. You also decide when you’ll take time off. You can even take a sabbatical when things become too overwhelming.

It's amazing how, in this setup, you are your own boss. However, sometimes getting back to your freelancing routine could be hard, especially if you came from a long break.

That long break could be an out-of-the-country trip or a hiatus you took because of some priorities that arose. We feel you, when either of the two happens, going back to work may feel a bit dragging.

You need a strong motivation, an end-of-project personal goal, and a few tips on how to be in full freelancer mode again.


Take it easy

Don’t rush into things. Set realistic expectations. There is no use in rushing into things. By gradually increasing the amount of workload, you will be able to perform better.

The last thing that you want is to get overwhelmed - again - and not deliver on time and with good quality.

Contact previous employers

Even if you’ve been away for a month, it is always good to let your previous employers know that you’re available again.

By sending a brief email, letting them know you’re back will show how committed you are to your work and the relationship you have with them.

Reorganize your home office or rent in a coworking space

It may be hard to get back on track by staying in the same old space. Routine can be terrible when trying to get back to work, particularly if you’re all by yourself, staring at the same old desk.

By moving things and reorganizing your home office, you will get a fresh start, easing your way back to work.

Now if you’re tired of being alone, having a few people around you could be a nice thing to try. Find a coworking space! Take the chance to interact with new people and who knows, you might even meet potential employers.

Update your profile

Just like a CV, your profile will show employers your expertise and the quality of your work.

When you come back from vacation or a long needed break, you tend to look at things from a new perspective. It’s like everything has to be refreshed. If you’ve been out for too long, you may want to update your portfolio.

You need to start selling your services again, so your profile page must be up-to-date and convincing.

Changing your picture, getting those outdated reviews out and including the new skills that you’ve acquired, will be highly beneficial when trying to get your next project.

Going on a break can be great for you and for your business. Everyone needs one once in awhile.

Getting back on track is as important. Don’t be discouraged, follow these simple tips and you will be right back in a heartbeat!

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