Things To Consider When Hiring A Freelance Fashion Model

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Choosing the right fashion model to represent your brand is key to its success. Since you’re dealing with people, know that you’ll have to put extra care in the process. Contrary to what outsiders might think, hiring a freelance fashion model entails a more systematic approach only industry veterans would understand. If you’re serious aboutgrowing your brand by way of effective representation, you must take the following points for consideration.

General appearance

Similar to advertising, the fashion industry is a lot about achieving a certain ‘look’. And itbegins with hiring the right-looking model.In fact, according to a talent agent, it makes up a bulk of the hiring experience. Runway models tend to be taller and leaner than average. Meanwhile, those intended for public relations or an online and television commercial tend to have a friendlier-looking appearance. Rather than gauging a model based on age, you will want to look at how the model looks a certain way, or how he or she carries his or her self physically.

Brand suitability

After evaluating a model by his or her general appearance, it’s important to consider how he or she will look alongside your products. Does he or she fit your clothes, both in form and impression? Is he or she able to clearlyexpress the message you want to be conveyed in your campaign? One thing to remember is that while a candidate may be good at, say, doing a commercial, it doesn’t mean he or she will do as just as well posing in front of a camera. Similarly, the fact that a model is able to model anhaute couture dress on a runway doesn’tmean he or she will be as effective in modelling simple jeans and a top.


Unlike what others would usually say, experience is not required in a model, at least not all the time. Instead, you need to evaluate a candidate based on his or her performance during a casting, or in more technical terms, a go-see. If you’re hiring for a commercial, be sure to get a model who can speak more than one language, should the need to communicate to a wider audience arises. If hiring for a photoshoot, examine a candidate’s portfolio thoroughly for photographic potential. The more diverse his or her past photos are, the better.


The hectic nature of the fashion industry calls for people, whether it’s the client or model, to know how to be flexible. In general, clients call the shots for anything related to the job. This makes character aparamount factor in a model. During the screening process, ask as many questions as you want to get to know your model. You can also use this opportunity to explain the job requirements in detail. This way, you can guarantee that your potential model has the right level of commitment and professionalismto get the job done.

Hiring a freelance fashion model is not as easy as it looks. But once youfind the right one for you and your brand, you will be one step closer to getting more of your brandgoals fulfilled and more consumers satisfied

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