The Lowdown on Project Upgrades

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Hiring on is fast and easy. Employers only have to post the project details (see our guide to project posting), and the bids will start rolling in. There are instances though when you may have special needs. Maybe you want to keep a project private, or need expert help with your hiring. Maybe you need someone who can work full-time, or you just want more exposure for your job ad. This is where project upgrades come in.

Project upgrades give you a variety of hiring options that you can avail of for a fee. At the bottom of your project page, you’ll find the project upgrades box, where you can tailor-make your project to your liking. The choices range from privacy, confidentiality, and project timeframe, to time commitment, assistance, and visibility. Just tick off the items that you need and you’re ready to post your customized project! Here’s a rundown of the upgrades you can take advantage of.

Recruiter ($29): This gives you expert assistance from our recruitment team, who will help you get going quickly and find you the right freelancer for the job. Choosing this option can actually increase your project’s success rate by 250% (on average from September to October 2014 based on completed projects according to company data).

Featured ($29): Check this box to list your project as a featured one. It will be highly visible on the ‘Featured Jobs and Contests’ page and jazzed up with attention-grabbing graphics, which will help attract more high-quality bids. With Featured, freelancers won’t have to scroll through pages and pages just to see your bid.

Urgent ($9): Tagging your project as urgent is a sure-fire way to get work done on the site in the fastest way possible. It will be tagged as ‘Ending Soon’ and will only be open for 24 hours. This guarantees a faster response from freelancers who are ready to work, and you’ll be able to fast-track your project.

Sealed ($9): This option automatically seals the bids that come in so that the freelancers won’t see what each other is bidding. This results in better and more accurate bids, since the bidders are encouraged to calculate their rates on their own instead of trying to beat the other bidders by offering lower prices or quicker deadlines.

Fulltime ($199): Tick this if you’re looking to hire for ongoing work. If you need a full-time or commission-based freelancer, this upgrade will enable you to save money. Instead of posting multiple projects over time and get charged for each one, you can only get charged for one. Also, fees are only charged if the project value exceeds $5000 USD.

Private ($19): Go for this if security is a priority for you or your company. This will keep all the details of your project hidden from search engines, social media, and users who are not logged in.

NDA ($20): If you need to keep the details of your project confidential, consider getting this option. It requires freelancers to digitally sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before placing bids, and also agree to keep all details including private messages and files uploaded on Freelancer private.

We’ve made these choices available so that you can have the flexibility to post projects according to your specifications. Ready to try it out? Post a project now and take your pick from our upgrades menu!

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