See the Winning Graphics from the 20 Million Users Design Contest

Slået op d. - Sidst ændret d. has just reached its 20 million users milestone. Before we hit this mark, we asked our community of graphic designers to create a design layout in celebration of this achievement. So here, take a look at the best design submissions the contest received.

We’ve chosen Vickysmart’s design as the competition’s main winner as the concept is on point, with elements related to freelancing. The designer had full understanding of the required concept but he turned it into his own.


Another entry that made it to the top three is Maleksandar90’s design submission. The celebratory vibe brought by his bold choice of colors made the overall graphic fun and hip.


Another runner-up in the competition is from Rcdjasmin.What we liked about her concept is that it reflects the freedom that freelancers have in working wherever they want to. “Instead of the usual buildings/cityscapes, I used famous landmarks from all over the world. I used this not only to signify Freelancer's worldwide community, but to show an example of the many perks you get if you use Freelancer -- you get the freedom to travel the world whenever you want,” she wrote.


The contest ran for three weeks and received 282 entries. Aside from the top three entries, there are more interesting design proposals that caught our attention. Here are some of them:

Entry #246 by Kardiax


Entry #259 by Infinitdesign08


Entry #93 by Mbelenfarias1


Entry #50 by Jillsfernandez


Entry #43 by tituserfand


Entry #116 by DOGGIO


Entry #273 by billtinsay


Entry #179 by vigosolpk


We’ve come this far because of each of you who have been part of this journey. It’s been such an incredible experience to do something that changes lives of millions of people across the globe. You, as a freelancer or an employer, made all this possible.

Thank you for being part of!

Oprettet 26 juli, 2016

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