Quick Tips on Building a Blog That Can Win You More Clients

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Forget the technicalities for a minute -- SEO, clickbait titles, and post lengths -- and remember the joy of sharing something you’re passionate about. Blogging can be a lot of things from storytelling to teaching a new skill. For freelancers, it’s also a way to share their personal brand online.

Quick Tips on Building a Blog That Can Win You More Clients

Whether you’re a writer, designer, or photographer, or even an engineer, here's how you can make your blog work to your advantage:

Showcase your skills.

With millions of freelancers around the world, you have to learn how to showcase your talent in the best way possible. Sell your skills through your blog with exceptional visuals and copy. Think of what makes you an outstanding freelancer, as well as the excellent projects that demonstrate your expertise, and feature these on your blog.

Talk about your projects.

Impress potential employers by sharing a recent project and talking about the creative idea behind it. Share your inspiration behind the project, what makes it one of your favorites, and what you could improve to make it even better. You can also talk about an innovative idea you want to develop in the future. Who knows, you might stumble upon the next billion-dollar business idea when you write your next blog.

Prove that you’re a cut above the rest.

Show that you’re a great communicator, teacher, and thought-leader. While you’re free to discuss your work through words, it’s also your way of talking and/or writing that can convince potential employers that you’re a perfect fit for the job. Anybody can talk about anything, but it takes true talent to be able to teach and communicate effectively.

Share your goals.

Freelancers have hopes and dreams of making it big. Why not share your aspirations through your blog? Whether it’s to travel the world or buy your first house, telling your personal story offers a more candid and human approach. This allows you to build your personal brand, which is crucial because it’s not just your technical skill that’s attractive to employers, but your personality as well.

Build your network.

Engage with your community. With a blog, you can meet like-minded individuals, industry experts, and fresh starters around the world. This offers a huge opportunity to build your network especially if you’re just starting off. These people could be your mentor, future colleague, or even co-founder. With a blog, you don’t just learn from yourself, but from these people as well. Ask questions, interact, and discover trends.

Don’t forget that a blog doubles as your resume. While it’s easy to nail down the technicalities of your resume design and freelancer portfolio, a blog offers a different approach, because it’s timely and engaging. You get a lot of room for your projects to standout and get talked about.

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