Our experience in the Preferred Freelancer Program

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How we started in the Preferred Program

Since we signed up for the Freelancer Preferred Program, we’ve seen nothing but growth in our day-to-day business. One of the most amazing things that we’ve noticed is the more focused attention we receive as a freelance company. Whenever we need help or have any doubts about anything, the support team contacts us quickly, which we are extremely thankful for. 

Before, when we used to have an issue with a client we spent a lot of time trying to solve it on our own. Most of these problems had to do with clients who didn’t know how to use the platform. Now, whenever we have an issue like this, the support and recruiter teams help us immediately, making our work a lot easier. 

Working with the Recruiters

The recruiter team has helped us to work on projects we didn’t think we could even land. They’ve helped us get the projects we want and search for projects that fit perfectly with our abilities. 

It’s not only about the big projects though! It’s  also about working on projects we always have wanted. Now we find ourselves creating movie concept arts, manga illustrations, and audiovisuals, which we are passionate about. 

Our growth

From the moment we created our account three years ago - when it was only a personal account - to now, we have grown and learned so much. We have some amazing clients we are constantly working with and we could not be more thankful for it!


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