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Pinterest is one of the most popular sites for social media users as a platform for image sharing. Think of Pinterest as an online notice board where a user can simply pin anything on the site. Considering how memorable images are to Internet users, Pinterest is the way to go if you want to market to a wider audience. Here are the steps you can take to use it to promote your business.

Join the site

Like every other social media platform out there, Pinterest is a site that you need to join if you want to appeal to its users. You should consider opening a business account with your brand name and contact details.

Take time to select categories in which you are interested in as a businessperson. These could be directly related to your business. The categories that you select could also be those that offer a supporting role to your business.

Join the Winning Teams

Once your account is up and running, you need to join the "winning teams." Identify the powers-that-be – meaning the popular pages – on Pinterest that are related to your specific categories and follow them.

You need to build a strong relationship with these people – the users who always post high quality pins – if you want them to take note of your business. Like their pins and make an effort to comment. When the time is right, they will return the favor.

Start Pinning

In order for you to build a huge following, you need to offer Pinterest users something valuable. Think carefully about the sub-categories that you use to classify your pins and curate your information in a clear and logical manner. Your pins should also be arranged simply and clutter-free. It is important that your pins offer information that's useful to your target audience.

You can incorporate your business content within some of the pins that you display on your account. The key is to keep offering a new perspective so that people maintain interested in what you have to offer.  Soon they will be showing up on your site.

Did you know that you could also pin videos? Since most Pinterest users pin still images, videos will help your business stand out. It will also bring in more traffic from search engines.

Enhance Your Brand Profile

You should take time to acknowledge the efforts of those people who have pinned your website content on their Pinterest accounts. A simple thank you or a positive comment will go a long way in endearing your business to your target market. It will also do great things for your brand profile.

By building a relationship with people who pin your content, you will end up with a loyal customer base. It will be very difficult for your competition to take away such clients from you.

Market Research and Analysis

What is your target audience pinning? Where are they sourcing their pins?

Take time to check out people who are pinning your content or similar information and trace the sources of such information. Do the sites in question offer advertising space? If so, consider paying for advertising space for your products and services. This is where your audience is.


You can market your business in a number of ways using Pinterest's unique platform. All you have to do is open a Pinterest account, select the strategies that suit your business needs, and start marketing.

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