Perseverance: A Freelancer's Secret to Being Better

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Jay Patkar, a 33-year old India-based freelancer, excels at providing a wide array of services on, which is why employers all over the world hire him at the drop of a hat.


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His expertise include Excel Macro, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming, PHP, Javascript and CSS too.

“I usually make programs that do automated tasks on Excel, automated scraping of Web data into Excel, designing Excel-based system that can connect to other applications or databases locally or over a network. It would take all day to mention the different projects I have worked on through my four-year tenure on Freelancer,” Jay shared.

Choosing The Best


Jay was working as a business analyst for a local company in India when he signed up on With his skills, he believed he could surely augment his income which is why he turned to freelancing.


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“I stumbled upon Freelancer while searching for freelance websites. I found Freelancer quite easy to use, transparent, and straightforward,” Jay said. “I easily learned the site, trusted it, and decided to stick to it as compared to other sites due to the friendliness of employers and also the scope of projects I can bid for.”


Providing Exceptional Service

Jay’s daily routine involved spending most of his time working on his Freelancer projects.

“In Freelancer, you have the freedom to choose where and when to work. Jobs are available 24 hours x 7 days a week x 365 days, so anyone can work in their most convenient circumstances and as per their monetary needs,” Jay added.

Starting out as a freelancer, Jay spent hours lurking around the site, observing the profiles of successful freelancers. He would read the feedback given to these freelancers and try to apply employers’ suggestions into his own work. It kept him motivated all throughout.

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To be successful, Jay suggests one thing -- perseverance.

"I strongly believe that perseverance is key in achieving success. Other freelancers should develop this attitude, because success will surely follow. My perseverance has lead to my own start up, iPersevere Solutions (where perseverance is a way of life) which provides Microsoft Office automation, web scrapping, data analytics, and software testing services. My goal is to make perseverance the center of my corporate culture as we grow,” Jay mentioned.

Living the Life

With his thriving business gaining traction, Jay has started chasing his passions, such as traveling.

“Whenever I have time, I like traveling to natural destinations, having excursions, and the like. Whether it’s trekking on mountain ranges or crossing seas, you name it! I love admiring the greatness of mountains and the vastness of seas. It really provides me with inner peace,” shared Jay.

As this article was being written, Jay was on a vacation in the world renowned Kanchenjunga Peak, the third highest mountain in the world. He continues to manage his business despite being away from his office.


Perseverance: A Freelancer's Secret to Being Better - Image 1


If you’ve got a project that falls under Jay’s expertise, hire him and get amazing results.

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