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There are a number of rich–text editors to help with the JavaScript editing process. Most of the free open source editors provide a lot of advanced features to improve the coding process for front end engineers. There are also a few proprietary editors available in market with advanced specialized features that provide uniqueness to products and help a lot in improving coding functionality, as well as shortening the time it takes to complete a project. Here are a few text editors that for easy coding that provide plugin options at the same time, such as code copy segments, function intelligence, and the like.

ActiveState's Komodo IDE

This provides a cross-platform editing feature for many languages. It offers features like code intelligence, version control, skinning, debugging, and unit testing. There are lot of add-ons available for this software with advanced features and fixes for any issues developers may face.


Eclipse with JSDT (JavaScript Development Tools)

The JSDT provides the additional plugin to be added to the Eclipse IDE for supporting the JavaScript development in the IDE. This IDE also offers a neat highlighted coding feature and also provides advanced options to debug and view the code functionality.


Microsoft's Visual Studio 2013

VS provides a cross-platform IDE with lot of functional features like highlighted coding, code intelligence, and variety of debugging options, which give developers a lot of easy coding options.


Net Beans

This IDE is an open source IDE, so it provides free add-ons by number of open source developers worldwide. It also has the same features as paid IDEs, though it somewhat compromises the speed of the software and is comparatively slower.


Sublime Text


Sublime is a cross platform source code editor with a Python-based API. It has many functional extended plugins available to developers depending on their requirements and provides a lot of excellent features, such as multi-select edit operation, autocomplete, autosave, code snippet feature, etc.

Jet Brains' Web Storm

This IDE is built on the IntelliJ IDEA platform. It’s an advanced version of phpStorm, and has preinstalled plugins, which have enabled library operation of Javascript frameworks. Features include on-the-fly code analysis, refactoring,code highlight, etc.

Other Editors

Besides these IDE-based editors, there are other normal editors with a few special editing features. Check out the following:

lpha Anywhere

This product provides a cross-platform editor with a few basic features for editing operations.

Komodo Edit

It is a professional IDE for web language editing and provides all the advanced features for developers to enhance their coding experience.


This is an open source text editor with certain cool features like code highlight, and multiple search directory level.


This is a special text editor for the MAC-based OS with lots of advanced features like folding code sections, clipboard, regular expression-based search operations, and such.


There are other online text editors available out on the Internet, including browser-based extension editors with advanced features. The following are a few websites that offer online editors.








Choosing a Javascript text editor is really a matter of preference. The only thing to remember is to check your requirements against the features an editor offers before starting your work. That way, you don't find yourself hanging in the middle of a project.

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