How to Market Yourself to Clients

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Part of your success as a freelancer is dependent on finding the right clients and convincing them that you’re the right person for the job. However, marketing yourself is very different than selling an actual product. If you’re on the lookout for clients, here are effective tips on how you can promote your skills and land jobs without sounding like a pesky salesperson.

Master the art of interacting with your clients

Each time you meet with a potential client, you need to see it as an opportunity to build your network, and not merely a chance to earn. That’s why you should focus on building a relationship with a potential employer, and not just on receiving a paycheck. You may not land a project contract with them now, but if you establish a good relationship with them, they may refer you to a more suitable client for your skills in the future.

Apart from building your network, your primary goal should be to provide your customers with the best solution for their needs. Tell them what your skills are and be honest when their requirements don’t meet your capabilities. This shows that you care for them and that you only want the best outcome for their project.

Develop your online presence

The Internet has a tremendous influence on how we do business today. As a freelancer, you need to create an online presence.

The first thing you need to do is build your online profile. Some clients do a web-based background check of potential freelancers, and when they type your name on the search bar, what would they see in the results? Your public profile should be there, and it should indicate your skills and work experiences.

Build your reputation through online communities. Go out there and interact with other people who are in the same field, including fellow freelancers. When you join conversations in web-based hangouts, your focus should be helping others and sharing advice to those who need it, especially in your niche. That's how you can gain a reputation for being an expert in your field.

You can use social media to your advantage too. You can create your profile on different platforms and interact with other users. Not only will this make your online presence stronger, it will also keep you updated on the latest news, trends, events, and even techniques that are related to your field.

Get out there

While the scope of the Web is vast, but you shouldn't just limit your interactions in the realms of the Internet. You also need to be active in your community.

Join a club, participate in events, or any other social group that has to do with your interests. Learn from them, and at the same time build relationships with the people you come across in these settings. Always have a business card in tow just in case you meet someone who might be interested in your services.

Building relationships can take a lot of time and effort, but having a huge network also equates to having a better chance in landing a project. So, work hard on it today and reap the benefits later. When you have a solid connection with clients and freelancers alike, jobs will come to you on their own. 

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