How to Launch Your Freelance Company in Just 10 Days

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The step-by-step guide which will take you from your existing, predictable routine to owner of a freelance company with the world at your feet, in just 10 days!

Are you stuck in a rut?

Have you ever thought of packing in your nine-to-five routine in favour of living an extraordinary life where anything goes?

If you’re chomping at the thought of a new challenge, 2017 is YOUR year and it’s the perfect time for you to take the plunge and create the exciting life that you’ve been craving!  

Perhaps you’ve been online job-searching in vain for the career that ticks all your boxes; or maybe you’re dabbling with the idea of starting a side gig for some extra income. Whatever your situation, did you know that launching a freelance company is the best way to use your existing skills to create the lifestyle and financial freedom that you're worth, while working in an area that you love...?

...And did you also know that you can go from where you are today, and be ready to launch your freelance company to the world in just ten days?!

Why Freelance?

I suspect you're here because you've been dipping your toe into the crystal clear blue freelancing waters for some time now and you like the freedom that freelancing adds to your lifestyle.  

Or perhaps you've been a freelancer on the side of your day job to keep working in an area you're passionate about while you work in your corporate role to pay the bills. You could even be a full-time freelancer working from job to job and waiting for your big break. Or perhaps, you’ve never freelanced at all and you’re now ready to take the biggest, most satisfying plunge of your working life!

While some consider the freelancing dream nothing more than a romantic notion of working when you want, how you want and from where you want; it doesn't take much experience to confirm that this dream could very much become your everyday reality. Owning a freelance company isn't just a pipedream, and it is every bit as rewarding as every successful startup entrepreneur will attest to.

So why is running a freelance company one of the most rewarding ventures you’ll ever take part in, and why do you owe it to yourself to start today?

  • Freedom of lifestyle.

Running a freelance company will allow you to work from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits you. That means you can be there for the kids, take all the vacations you want, and never miss out on a family occasion again! No more having to ask for the boss's approval for an early mark, no more having to explain yourself when you’re ten minutes late, and no more commute!! Think of all the extra time you will have to do the things you want to do, with the people you love!  

  • Financial freedom.

As the owner of a freelance company, your overheads are low so you can get paid what you're worth WITHOUT having to spend a fortune in the process. It’s finally time for you to earn your value, without a middleman taking their significant cut of the income that you’ve worked so hard for!   

  • It will give YOU back the control of your life.

Most importantly, running a freelance company will give you back control of your life and allow you to establish yourself in your niche from anywhere you want. Work from home in your PJs, work from the beach in your swimmers, or work from an office in your corporate attire; the choice is completely YOURS!

At this point, you’re probably thinking that this all sounds too good to be true! Yes, it’s nice to dream but how much will all of this cost you? Because you know that there’s no gain without pain; right?

Well, wrong, actually! There's no doubt that money makes the world go around which is why, no matter what your situation, it might not appear on the surface to be a practical move to quit your job and jump right in.

I know now you’re wondering: If running a freelancing company is the ultimate goal; and making enough money to survive is the ultimate obstacle – how on earth do you connect the dots to get where you need to be? And quickly?

Keep reading as I let you in on a few trade secrets. If you follow these simple steps over the next ten days, you'll be ready to launch and reap all the benefits of freelancing.

Let’s get started...

10 Days to Launch: Choose Your Product 

Perhaps you're already a designer, a writer, or you offer online marketing services. Day one is the day where you drill down what your freelance company will offer. It can be tempting to be all things to all people in the beginning, however, the more specific your services, the more specific you can be with the marketing plan which will lead to more success for you. Define your USP (unique selling proposition) and define what it is that makes you better than the competition.

9 Days to Launch: Choose Your Niche And Buyer Persona

By choosing a niche and creating your buyer persona profile, you will be much more successful when the time comes to attract your clients. All of your messaging will be aimed at your specific market rather than giving diluted messages to more people. If you're unsure how to create a Buyer Persona you can engage with an experienced marketing freelancer who will be able to assist you quickly and within your budget.

8 Days to Launch: Begin Creating Your Brand

While most people think that designing a logo is the first port of call when establishing a freelancing company, or any company in general, this is a mistake. A logo is just one small cog in a bigger branding machine, and it's important that your logo, USP and tone of voice that you'll use to speak to your target market are consistent and relevant. You can find many expert brand specialists on who will be able to quickly and easily provide you with a brand image that speaks directly to your target market.

7 Days to Launch: Create Your Website And Blog

It's important to have an online presence in any venture, and a website and blog are a must. Web development isn't for the faint-hearted, and unless you're an expert in the field, it's advisable that you engage with a freelance web developer who will be able to do the job quickly, efficiently and within your budget. Creating a series of blogs is essential at this point as it gives your target market an excellent introduction to the personality of your brand and services that you can offer. It also helps to establish your business as an industry thought leader. If this isn't your area of expertise, engage with a copywriter who is experienced to ensure you get the word out about your brand.

6 Days to Launch: Social Media And Content Strategy

Now you know who you're talking to and what you're going to say, it's time to decide WHEN you say it. Social media accounts are free and the most efficient way to speak to a large group of people quickly, if you execute your strategy correctly.

Choose which social media presence you want (you don't have to pick them all, just the ones where your audience are) set up your profiles and create a communication strategy which will introduce your new freelance company to the world.

Social media presence is almost non-negotiable in this day and age, and if you're not so savvy with your @'s and #'s then make sure you utilise the skills of someone who is. A Social Media Strategist found on Freelancer will take care of every minute detail from setting up your profiles to executing your content and it's vital to the success of your business that this is done correctly.

5 Days to Launch: Decide Your Pricing Structure 

While you might have always charged less than the market rate for your services because you have a full-time income to sustain you, or because you're competing to get the work; now is the time to charge full market value for your product at a price that is competitive, yet worthwhile. While it's tempting to make sure you get all the jobs by being cheaper than the rest; this is your full-time income now, and you need to be practical. Find a happy place to set your price so that all of your overheads are covered, you have the disposable income you need to afford your chosen lifestyle, but so that your rate is still competitive enough for a first-time freelance company owner.

Not only will this make sure that customers come to you first, it will give you enough room to increase your prices as you gain more experience and become in-demand, as you inevitably will!

4 Days to Launch: Decide Your Workflow

If you were to launch your freelance company and wait for the phone to ring, you'd be ill-prepared. You need to create your workflow so you can move seamlessly through the process when the work starts pouring in. Having a watertight workflow in place means that you'll have a good idea of how much time things take so that you don't overstretch yourself and burn out within the first few crucial weeks of operation. Create procedure documents, flowcharts and have all the files and forms you need ready to go when the orders start pouring in.

3 Days to Launch: Implement Your Invoicing System

Invoicing is one of the most crucial parts to running a successful freelancing company, and it is vital that you have these processes down pat. If your invoicing system falls over your whole freelancing company has the potential to fail so if accounts aren't your strong point; choose an accountant or bookkeeper from and make sure this is in place from the outset.  

2 Days to Launch: Make Sure Your Contracts, Insurances, Terms and Conditions Are all in Place 

There's no room for error when you own a freelance company, and you instantly become responsible for making sure that every 'i' is dotted and 't' crossed. Consulting with a small business legal professional will ensure that you have everything in place before the customer's start coming, and will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. If something were to go wrong because these finer details aren't taken care of in the beginning, you put your freelance company at significant risk and stand to lose a lot. is the biggest freelancing platform in the world which gives you instant access to highly trained professionals which will take care of all of the finer details involved with starting your own freelance company. Using an existing and established site will remove the room for error which is a risk you face when going it alone for the first time.

1 Day to Launch: Rest

You’ve taken care of everything you need to so today you should have a rest before the orders start pouring in! Use today to go over your procedures and make sure everything’s covered before your freelance company takes off and starts making you a fortune!  

...And Launch

Today is the day where you have everything in place, and you can now execute your marketing strategy, get your brand into the public domain and begin living the life that you deserve!

By utilising the skills of a range of professionals found on you can create a successful freelancing company from scratch in ten days. Post your project today and prepare for launch in just ten days!

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