How to Know When You Need to Hire a Public Relations Expert

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Public relations is far more than writing and pitching media releases. PR builds trusted relationships, educates and wins credibility. ~ Dennis Rutzou Public Relations

Many entrepreneurs and startup companies will be able to build a product. However, it can take a special type of individual who can sell not just a product but the company itself. It’s primarily about building a good image for the company, and making sure the public believes it enough to patronize their products or services.

This is where public relations campaigns can come in handy. However, PR can also be risky. There are many things to consider when hiring a PR expert and also when thinking of who you should trust to do this for your company. But first of all, how do you know when you'll need to hire a PR expert?


PR experts know their audience and have growing connections to which they can sell your company, your product, your story, or a combination of all of these factors. You’ll know you need one the moment you go through these:
  • You’ve tried many different avenues to promote your company and your product, but have failed
  • Something happened in your business that you think is newsworthy, but no journalist has picked up on any press releases you have sent out

If you have a good story to tell, these people can sell your story to their networks. It may not guarantee to get picked up, but at least the story will be heard by journalists or media outlets they have connections to.

Simply by sending a press release en masse to try and get a media hit for your product does not always get a result. At least this way, your story will find an audience, and they can give that story access to others with a far greater audience to sell to.

Freelance PR Expert vs. PR Expert from an Agency

If you are attempting everything you can to get the public interested in your company or product, and you are not getting results, hire for your PR needs. A great advantage when getting help from a freelance PR person is that it does not tie you into long or hard to break contracts. It’s common among many agencies to make their customers sign before any work commences.

There is no guarantee of results with these contracts, plus they can be binding for years. It is, therefore, very risky. Working with PR experts on allows you to be far more flexible with your agreement. They can work on a shorter term or on a single campaign and are in a much better position to give you good advice initially.

For example, I have never met an entrepreneur or a business owner who thinks that their company isn't newsworthy, even if it really is. A good PR expert can find creative ways of getting this company to the media, regardless of how newsworthy it is.

Best Time to Hire

There has never been a better time to try a freelance PR expert. With the sheer number of online publications, both mass media and specialist media, the chances of someone picking up on the PR's work is far higher than ever before.

Think of 30 years ago with news in only a handful of daily, weekly, or monthly publications. Nowadays, these publications have vastly increased in number and also in readership. This means getting hits in these publications can definitely contribute to the success of your business.

There is a far bigger market. We have even seen businesses go viral on blogs or on social media, and a good PR person is usually pulling the strings behind these releases.

If you have your business or product to sell, or a story to tell, jump on and hire yourself a public relations expert today.

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