How to Gain a Client's Trust With Your Profile Page

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As a freelancer, you have to win an employer’s trust before you can win their project. The profile page is one of your best tools for that. We can compare it to a storefront. When people see something they need, they will make a transaction.

There are different ways to earn the trust of potential employers with your profile page. Take a look at them below.

trust profile page

1. Employers will trust freelancers they know enough about

Show who you are and what you do through your custom profile header. It gives you the freedom to be unique and to make your page stand out. If you belong to the creative community, you can show off your skills on your profile picture too.

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Apart from striking visuals, employers will look for more information about you. Write a summary that proves you are qualified for the project. Share your basic qualifications and expertise. Put these details right after your introduction so employers will see them right away.



2. Work hard to earn good ratings

Every successful project that you’ve done adds value not just to your profile but also to your Freelancer account in general. The ratings you’ve earned along the way will give your profile the boost it needs.



3. It’s easier for potential employers to trust you knowing that previous clients have nothing but good words for you

How to get positive feedback? Deliver excellent output. Meet (or beat) the deadline. Be nice. Repeat.


4. Back up your qualifications and expertise

Showcase your incredible skills by building a remarkable portfolio. It’s a display of your successes and an exhibit that can convince employers to hire you.



5. Verify your skills and identity.

It’s easy to write about all the skills you have. But it would be helpful on the part of the employers if they know your proficiency level. Certify your skills by taking Skills Tests.

The security of our users is our utmost priority. As we connect employers and freelancers worldwide, verifying your identity is essential in building and growing your account.

skills and verifications.png

Above all these tips, what’s most important is you tell the truth. Always. Now check your profile page and see if there’s anything to improve to make more clients trust you when you bid for projects.


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