The Preferred Freelancer Program helps me in many ways

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Although I'm an English teacher, being a writer was a dream I never thought would be attainable - until I found and became a Preferred Freelancer.

I decided to give writing a chance by joining Freelancer in 2013 but didn't start making traction until about 2 years ago when my brother, who had successfully built a freelancing business using the platform, began sharing his knowledge and experience with me. 

I worked hard and was able to turn freelancing into my main source of income. After much effort, I became eligible for the Preferred Freelancer Program and finally got in. 

Entering the program helped me in many ways and I saw significant growth in my client acquisition rates compared to when I was not in the PFP.

Among the many benefits, these are the highlights: 

I was able to contact quality clients

This was incredibly important to me. Employers who hire me through PFP recruiters are always committed to the project and offer great communication.

Freelancer is accessible to everyone and there are no concerns about clients refusing to pay at the end of a project.

I get long-term jobs

Most of the employers who hire me through a recruiter give me long-term work, which allows me to increase my earnings and build a stronger profile. 

I can establish a good relationship with recruiters

After several months in the program, I was able to build a connection with some recruiters who already know me and know what type of projects might suit my profile.

This is a great system, as I always work hard to please not only employers but also recruiters who, after seeing how I work, are more inclined to recommend me for future work. 

My reputation improved

Being awarded a project improves your profile, but being awarded a project through PFP is even better.

Competence is huge, so every time I’m able to show a client that I’m the perfect person for their task, I inherently have a better chance of being awarded future projects by other employers. 

New clients constantly check my profile

As I mentioned before, landing high-value projects builds a strong profile, and having that PFP badge on my profile gives clients a sense of security as they know they can trust me.

I’ve been noticing how new employers check out my profile and contact me saying they are impressed by the feedback I have and the projects I’ve undertaken.

In other words the PFP badge also helps me find non-PFP jobs on the platform. 

I’m not alone as there’s always someone to help me

PFP offers freelancers the opportunity to contact a special customer support area with staff members that are always ready to help when needed, whether I’m struggling with a project or an employer. 

Bottom line

I was able to follow my dreams thanks to and the Preferred Freelancer Program. I believe you can too if you're willing to put in the effort.

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