How a Killer Bio Can Make You More Money

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Have you ever wondered, how can I make more money doing the same thing? If this is a problem you think you might have, then this article is for you. The highest earning freelancers have the best bios, and there's nothing stopping you from doing the same.

I've worked with a lot of freelancers in this space, and I don’t think your case will be any different. Let's break this down step by step and get you on your way to increasing your earnings on Here are my 6 favorite tips for making your profile stand out.

1. No grammar and spelling mistakes

This might sound like the easiest part, but from our experience here in the Preferred Freelancer program we have noticed that even some of the best profiles make this mistake. Remember, if a client sees your profile and catches one mistake, they're going to assume that there will be mistakes in their work. Triple check your spelling and your grammar.

2. Provide a brief summary of what you or your team are about

Remember that on the directory you only get 100 characters to convince an employer to click on your profile. Make sure you put the most important information first, and get their attention right away. 

  • Example: We are a small but agile team of developers that love to build software. We can take your ideas and bring them to reality. We seriously love to code.

  • Designer by profession and by nature. I am one of the few people in this world that truly gets to do what they love: design. I am self taught, but have built my skills to be able to work with some really amazing clients.

3. Outline what you excel at in a list

Sort it by what you're best at on top. Make sure that this list includes all of the technology you are an expert in or exact things you can do for a client. Your profile only has so much space. There are three ways someone will see your profile:

  • When they click on your bid on their project
  • On the Browse Freelancer directory
  • On your profile

Make sure you have the most important information at the very top of your profile.  

4. Your working hours and timezone

This goes a long way to help clients understand where you are, and why you might not reply right away. If you try and get projects from a specific timezone, that's a great piece of information for those clients. 

5. Amazing formatting

If you squish everything together employers will not see what they're looking for. By using better formatting you can help your clients find what they are looking for, and trust that you take yourself seriously. Divide your profile description in sections and space everything neatly so it’s easy to understand. 

6. A call to action

This is such an important part of the process that missing it can mean not winning any projects. At the end of your profile, once you explain why they should hire you, make sure to tell them how to do it. This means one of two things:

  • Tell them to click on the Hire Me button to start chatting with you

  • Tell them if they see your bid on their project to click on the chat or award button to get started.

Winning projects like the best freelancers on the site is something that you can control. By following some of our tips you can give yourself a better chance at winning more projects today.



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