Scavenger Hunt 2016: What You Need to Know Now

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100+ cryptic challenges. US$30,000 in prizes. One ultimate Internet Scavenger Hunt.

The Scavenger Hunt 2016 begins two weeks from now. Prepare yourself as this will be the craziest Internet event this year.

Registration starts today until July 18 and the Scavenger Hunt itself will run from July 19 to August 8 (12am EST, New York). If you’re always game on taking dares and solving puzzling challenges, #ScavHunt2016 is something you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Ready to take on the challenge? Read further to find out how.



Register to take part in this astronomical mission. After you’ve successfully registered, form your troop -- you can gather up to 10 people or be a one-man team as you please. Anyone from anywhere in the world can join so you can invite people from other continents to be with you in this cosmic journey.

Upon registration, you’ll see the template you can use to create your team logo. Be sure to come up with a cool name for your troop!

There are five challenges your team can compete for during the registration phase. The first challenge should be completed by all participating teams. As early at this stage, you can already win up to US$3,000!

The Challenges

There are over 100 crazy, cryptic challenges that will test your hack skills, creativity, and your keen interest in pop culture and anything out of this world. You can download the list of challenges from the Scavenger Hunt 2016 website starting July 19.

Some challenges are worth more points than the others and it’s up to you if you want to complete everything on the list. Alternatively, you can just select your favorites or those with bigger points.

Complete and submit evidence of as many of the 100+ challenges on the list as you can. Each challenge has corresponding points for you to earn. The team with the most number of points at the end of the competition wins the grand prize, a whopping US$15,000.

You must submit the evidence of your completed challenges within the duration of the Scavenger Hunt (again, July 19 to August 8). Anything submitted after August 8 will no longer be accepted.

Prizes to Win

Up to US$30,000 in prizes are at stake at the end of the Scavenger Hunt. Can your team win all this?

  • 5 Registration Challenges -- Total value of $3,000

  • Grand Prize:Team with most points -- $15,000

  • Paparazzi: Best celebrity endorsement -- $5000

  • Freelancer Fan:Best promotion of -- $3,000

  • Video Superstar: The most creative and best quality video entry-- $2,000

  • Media Geek: Entry that gets most publicity in the mainstream media -- $1,000

  • Social Royalty: Go viral on social media (Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook using the official hashtag #ScavHunt2016) -- $1,000

Submission Guidelines

Make sure that your team logo is visible in all your submissions. Always include the hashtag #ScavHunt2016 in all photos and videos you captured for the challenges. Your submissions will be judged based on your creativity and the quality of the story, images, footage, and audio.

There will be a team of markers to give you feedback and update the scoreboard as the competition goes.

Solve challenges. Cause mayhem. Win up to US$30,000!

Register now to join the Scavenger Hunt 2016.

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