Five Pointers for Effective Mobile Marketing

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Technology is shaping how people communicate and transact business in a big way. There are almost 3.5 billion unique mobile users, and by the end of 2015, it is estimated that there will be 4.9 billion connected devices. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, some more than one. Leading manufacturers of mobile devices such as Apple and Samsung are competing to win a market whose loyalty is neither here nor there. If you are offering the best in the market, then users shift loyalty. To marketers, this is amazing news because they can now tap into this rich market with their services and products.

Mobile marketing tips

Understanding how people communicate is the basis of today’s marketing. You can now design apps, send emails, generate videos, use coupons, and even send text messages. Some companies have very impressive mobile marketing strategies, but some miss quite a number of important components. You risk failing to effectively connect with the customer if any of the five pointers discussed below are missing, which will definitely render a massive blow to your conversions.

1. Relevant Content

How relevant is the content you send out to your prospects? Assume the position of a customer and imagine how much would you like it when companies spam your inbox with extraneous communication? It is your duty to ensure that the content you generate and share is faultlessly aligned with the receivers’ needs. Note that if you don’t meet this need, the competition will. It gets worse if you keep flooding your prospects’ or even current customers’ phones with irrelevant messaging. Spamming is annoying, and they will just unsubscribe from your channel. Try to understand what people want and when they truly want it.

2. Proper Timing of Communication

Timing of any form of marketing communication is crucial, be it direct emails or social media posts. This trickles down to understanding the customer; know their desires, needs and habits and deliver the right message at the most ideal time. You might miss the opportunity to convert a prospect if you send a text-based dinner offer during breakfast.

3. Understand Their Location

As you try to connect with the customer, try to identify with their location too. Location data is important in enabling you to craft customized messaging for enhanced engagement and better retention. If you have a retail store, for example, you can attract more traffic if you appeal to the people in nearby location. Most shoppers would only prefer a distance option if they fail to find whatever they were searching for locally.

4. Offer Value

Mobile marketing tips

No transaction can take place if the customer doesn’t find value in what is being offered. In mobile marketing, you must clearly communicate the value for the customer when they make a purchase. Otherwise, most will assume that you are only interested in their personal details such as mobile numbers, name, and their money, and not their trust and respect.

5. Partner With the Best

Successful businesses are established on a foundation of partnership. Contract a reputable mobile marketing company with proven expertise to execute your marketing strategy and realize the targeted objectives. Remember, creativity is key here. Avoid agencies that will just duplicate another agency’s approach. It is also important to consider an agency with a vibrant customer-focused marketing team. Top on the list of partners should be a competent mobile apps developer for customized mobile applications.

Finally, think like a customer but your actions should reflect the brand. Engage and communicate with the customers and prospects in a manner that will elicit excitement and trigger a desire to make a purchase. Doing this will boost engagement, traffic to your site, overall customer lifetime value and revenue.

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