Name: Janidul Hasan
Freelancer Username: Rony47
Location: Comilla, Bangladesh
Member Since: January 2010
Skills: Facebook Marketing, Social Networking, Internet Marketing, Twitter, Advertising


What are the most challenging things in freelancing?

Being awarded a project is the most challenging aspect. Since is the world’s #1 online marketplace, there are a lot of international employers and a lot international freelancers. Once an employer posts a project, you would immediately see more than 30+ freelancers bid within the minute! But I think that good freelancers get the bid through showing employers their portfolio.

Do you have any favorite employer to work for at and why?

There are a number of employers I like working with, but MCZ and Nativepro are particular favorites. MCZ was my first employer in When he gave his first feedback of the finished project, I was overwhelmed with happiness. Employer Nativepro helped me build my career in! I have completed more than 600 projects with him. I am still working for him, and will do for as long as possible. Thanks to for the opportunity to work with these awesome employers!


Do you prefer working individually, or with a team? Why?

I prefer working individually, because I think that working solo makes you work harder.

How many hours a day do you spend working? How do you break up your day?

I work during the hours that I’m not asleep!


If you could describe your freelancing experience in one word, what would it be?


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