Cristian Aluas, a 39-year-old artist from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, has devoted his life to the arts. He’s been indulging himself in creating artworks since he was young, and would spend countless hours drawing anything and everything.

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“My earliest memories of drawing were with markers. Generally, I always drew more than I painted, as it was quicker to do so and it let me express my ideas. I have always been interested in art but it only really flourished at the age of eight,” he shared.

His works have landed on national museums all over the world. He has one artwork displayed in the Mail Art Museum in Malaysia and one in the Southern Nevada Museum. His book “True Fiction” can be found in the library archives of the Gallery of Canada and in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Both books have the same content but with different covers that feature his handmade paintings.

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The Artist Lifestyle

The love for his craft does not end there. Cristian also works on Freelancer. As a freelancer, he accepts a whole range of projects such as designing logos, creating comics, illustrating book covers, editing videos, and a lot more.

Cristian never stops working until his clients are happy with the output they receive. When a client is happy, so is Cristian. To him, that is the real essence of success.

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Most successful people suggest that for a person to attain success, one must first choose a job that doesn’t feel like a job, rather a hobby of some sort. By doing so, you don’t get tired of going to work everyday and you’ll always love what you do.

Leading the Way

Aside from working as a freelance artist, Cristian also teaches art. He put up Masterpiece Art School, an art school that teaches drawing, painting, and other media. He also offers online courses and even teaches art lessons via Skype.

The biggest takeaway from all this, according to Cristian, is the satisfaction on his students’ faces. “I turned to teaching as a way to share my ideas and help people on their creative journey. I am inspired in sharing ideas and techniques and it is amazing to see how satisfied students become when they accomplish a drawing or a painting and it looks good," he shared.

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Here’s what Cristian wants to share to those aspiring to live a life dedicated to the arts:

“Follow your heart and follow your dreams. Some of these achievements can sometimes feel like failures when you put so much of yourself into them in terms of energy and money, but in the end, you have to be happy with the achievement and the process and journey that you took to achieve your goals. I am a man that always follows his heart when it comes to my art. I set goals and I work hard to make great things happen. Be reasonable in your demands from the world, research, learn, improve, and serve. Everything is about service. Even when I am creating art for myself, I am serving a world that can look on to my art and learn or explore my ideas,” Cristian added.

Need an artist to design your business logo or a comic project? Look no further, Cristian Aluas has got you covered. Hire him today.

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