Choosing The Right Sales Automation Software

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Prior to the invention of sales automation software, marketers had to spend hours manually sending cold email pitches to hundreds of potential customers. Business websites relied on scarce feedback in order to come up with relevant keywords to assist their online marketing campaigns. Companies incurred high costs, hiring professional data entry clerks in order to update the customer database with new email addresses and phone numbers.

The need for a refined sales system led to the creation of sales automation software. Thanks to this technological breakthrough, marketers can conveniently schedule hundreds or thousands of personalized email sales copies at the click of a button. Premium sales automation packages contain powerful SEO tools, which enable business owners to identify the hottest keywords in their respective industries. Moreover, the self-updating feature eliminates the need of hiring data entry clerks to update the company’s customer database.

Does my business really need sales automation software?

Sales automation software offers various benefits to small, medium-sized, and multinational business. Time constraint is usually a nagging challenge for small business owners for one reason - it takes a lot of time to establish a self-sustaining business. Sales automation software reduces the entrepreneur’s daily workload through managing email marketing campaigns, and thorough keyword research.

Here are seven recommended sales automation programs that will improve your sales and streamline your sales funnel.

1.      Growbots

Growbots enables business owners to reach out to large target markets and experience high conversions through its machine learning abilities. If you’ve just come across this term, 'machine learning' refers to a software’s ability to make accurate predictions based on analyzing a user’s browsing habits. Machine learning enables Growbots to boost lead conversions through analyzing the search history of each website visitor. After analysis, the website displays product advertisements that closely match the potential client’s purchase intent.

You can even automate client follow-ups using Growbots. Marketers can simply type their messages, then schedule the date and time for mass distribution. Growbots tracks email opening rates and provides suggestions on the best time to launch email marketing campaigns. The A/B testing feature allows marketers to segment their target market in order to test the effectiveness of different sales copies.

Clients using Growbots have access to a reliable customer support team that operates on a round-the-clock basis.

2.      ZoomInfo

If your focus is mainly B2B trading, then ZoomInfo is what you need to boost your sales revenue, and maintain an accurate customer database. This sales automation software relies on superior techniques to provide the correct email addresses and phone numbers of your potential clients. According to Zoom Info’s research, 43% of people change their phone numbers annually. Relying on ZoomInfo ensures your cold email sales pitches end up in the correct inboxes.

ZoomInfo enables business owners to reach a wider target market through identifying people with similar attributes to your buyer’s persona. You’ll identify emerging and high-ranking keywords used by potential clients with tangible purchasing intent. You can also segment your consumers based on their industries, geographical locations, and company size in order to create unique campaigns for each group.

ZoomInfo has managed to draw in high profile clients such as Amazon, PayPal, Citrix, and Wal-Mart.

3.      Discover.Org

Launched in 2007,  is a cloud-based sales automation program that offers unparalleled marketing features. This amazing tool allows marketers to generate accurate lists of prospective clients using a customized buyer persona, high-ranking keywords currently used by thriving industry rivals, and identifying buyers’ insights. has an in-house team of over 200 researchers ready to provide you with correct phone numbers, locations, and email addresses of businesses you view as feasible potential clients. provides marketers with powerful predictive tools that enable them to improve conversion rates, based on identifying potential clients resembling your customers’ persona.  After identification, creates segmented prospects’ lists based on set attributes that define your customers’ profiles. You can also replicate previous successful marketing campaigns after organizing the various prospects’ lists. is so reliable that international tech giants such as IBM and Lenovo use it to sustain their marketing endeavors. All potential customers can request a free demo to get a taste of their powerful sales and marketing tools. hires internet marketers with proven results. Click here to hire a professional to handle your online marketing campaign.

4. allows business owners to monitor potential clients at every stage of the sales funnel. The inline analytics feature displays the success rate of email marketing campaigns by providing simplified reports. Marketers can access the report to view the number of delivered emails, the total percentage of users who read the email, and the percentage of recipients who clicked anchor links contained in the sales copy.

Apart from internet marketing, businesses can use Outreach to monitor the effectiveness of their telemarketing campaigns. They can view the report in a graph that displays the volume of calls made on the Y-axis against monthly dates on the X-axis. Each bar contains different color codes that indicate the number of unanswered calls, recipients who responded with “This is the wrong time to call”, and potential clients who requested a call-meeting.

Business owners can also track the effectiveness of their sales team using a set of rational and simple team performance KPIs.


Do you frequently create and manage email-marketing campaigns for your clients? Salesloft is software-as-a-service (SaaS) that’s tailored for successful email conversions thanks to its brilliant features. Nowadays, more people access the internet through their smartphones than desktop and laptop computers. Salesloft provides marketers with suggestions on how to optimize their content for mobile viewing.

Salesloft allows marketers to send tracked emails using Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. In addition, you can easily integrate your Gmail and Microsoft accounts on one platform. This all-in-one integration feature allows you to read and send emails without having to log in to your respective email accounts using different web browsers.

One of the biggest challenges in communicating with overseas clients is the time delays between responses. If you run an international business, you can count on Salesloft’s time zone detection feature to help you communicate with potential clients at the right time.

6.      I-snapshot

This smartphone app enables marketers to identify leads, manage online marketing campaigns, and track the performance of various marketing strategies. You can also use the desktop version to view reports and manage your clients' databases. I-snapshot provides useful client profiling information, such as a customer's geographical location, age, gender, commonly used keywords that signal high purchasing intent, and preferred devices used to access the internet.

I-snapshot makes it easier for members of your marketing team to complete and submit daily reports. You can create a customized template that allows marketers to submit the reports through SMS, or through the I-snapshot app installed on their smartphones. Once the marketing team uploads the data, you can create comprehensive reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

I-snapshot is a paid app that’s available on iTunes, PlayStore, Blackberry World, and Windows Store.

7.      DynamicsCRM

Microsoft launched Dynamics CRM to help marketers create online marketing strategies using accurate and high-quality data. Customers using the software enjoy its ease of use and integration with Microsoft Outlook to facilitate communication from one platform. Microsoft offers this sales automation software as a web-based service and charges a monthly service fee.

Dynamics CRM is ideal for telemarketers because it provides time zone information and supports call recording. Marketers can obtain marketing research data by uploading various reports gathered from Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, and Alexa.

Summing it up

There’s no better or more affordable way of gaining valuable marketing insights and managing online marketing campaigns than using sales automation software. Businesses that rely on it have a better understanding of emerging consumer trends than industry rivals who wait for the dominant players to lead the way.

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