The Best Game Plan in Building an A-List Team of Freelancers

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Being an entrepreneur often means having to work 24/7 on different loads of tasks. If you have been in the same situation, you understand that carrying everything on your shoulders could be harmful to you and your business.  

That disadvantageous position doesn't have to be the case. By hiring a team of talented freelancers, you will take your business to the next level and gain some well-deserved free time.

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If by now you're already thinking of how overwhelming hiring freelancers from different regions and time zones could be, more so put them together as a team, don't worry. Here's a game plan you can follow in building an A-list team of freelancers.

1. Determine what is your main goal and who can help you achieve it

Every business is unique, so there is no fixed formula that works for everybody when deciding the freelancers to hire. It is very important that you analyze what your main goal is, and the help you need to get there.

For example, if you want to launch a new website, with great graphics, and an outstanding copy, you would need to hire a website developer, graphic designer, and a content writer.

2. Plan the work process

Just like every child has its developing times, so does a project. Creating content for a website does not take as much time as building or designing the website itself. To have an effective project development, all the freelancers you’re working with have to be in sync.

You need to keep everyone in the loop of what each of them is working on and how they have to make sure everything goes as planned.

3. Remember the time zone differences

Since they will need to work together as a team, you will need to take the time zone differences into account. Can you hire freelancers with different time zones? Absolutely! Just keep in mind, you should all agree to a regular catch up at a reasonable hour because no one wants to wake up at 4 AM for a meeting.  

To make the whole meeting planning a lot easier, I use this meeting planner that helps me coordinate for the best and most suitable time for every single person to meet.

4. Make effective communication a priority

Have you ever tried working with someone who doesn't speak the same languages as you do? It's difficult, trust me on this one. If time zone difference was a huge factor to weigh in when hiring a team, language barrier is an even bigger thing to consider. If people don't communicate well due to language barriers, your project might not turn out the way you’ve expected.

Hiring a team may seem like a hard task, but it can be a huge success if planned correctly. Don't waste another minute. Let your business strike gold with the help of our talented freelancers. Build your team today and start posting fantastic projects.


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