Boost Online Sales This Holiday Season [Quick Tips]

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Christmas is that time of the year when everyone is feeling just a little bit happier, joyful, forgiving, and more generous. For consumers, it's also the time when they're more likely to shop than any other occasion. And for businesses, particularly online shops, the holiday season presents a good opportunity to boost sales. By leveraging consumers' magnanimity, online stores can fully benefit from this generous spirit by providing excellent come-ons to the public.

There are, however, a few key elements that you should keep in mind when developing your marketing strategy. Veering away from the usual discount offerings is one key component to consider. While discounts do present a huge come-on to consumers, these may not be the best course of action. On the business side of things, this could prove to be counter-productive, primarily because consumers might decide to wait for your items to be offered at discounted prices before purchasing the merchandise in the future.

You can still offer great deals to your consumers without resorting to giving outright discounts. Below are a few quick and easy sales strategies that you can provide.

1. Free shipping for a specified amount of purchase. A good number of online stores do not offer free shipping and delivery services. Additional fees are usually charged for the items to be shipped and delivered right to the buyer's doorstep. Slashing off these additional fees can give consumers considerable savings, which can strongly encourage them to do their holiday shopping at your e-store.

2. Package products as holiday gift ideas. During the holidays, people are busier than ever. Apart from taking care of their usual responsibilities at work and at home, they also have party invitations coming in left and right. With all of these things taking so much of their time, holiday shopping is almost always a last-minute activity. By presenting your consumers with gift ideas that are ideal for each member of the family, as well as friends, colleagues, and bosses, you help them save time and effort.

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3. Highlight holiday products and mention that these are offered for a limited time only. Indicating that certain special holiday items are available for a "limited time" only generally inspires consumers to grab the chance to purchase these items while they are still up for sale. Also, the "limited" tag can be perceived as "not everyone will get them," which increases the perceived value of your products.

4. Reward bulk orders. When consumers purchase a lot of items from your shop, you can make them feel important by giving them a reward for patronizing your store. You can give them a coupon for their next purchase or offer to include holiday gift wrappers and cards with their purchases. When you make your customers feel special and important, they won't think twice about buying from you again.

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5. Give out freebies. Freebies are always appreciated by consumers. You can specify the requirement for receiving freebies – for example, the first buyer of your featured product gets one item free, or you can have a "secret" item that when purchased, the buyer receives a free product.

There are several other ways that you can boost sales this holiday season without affecting your bottom line. The key is to know who your consumers are and what they want. Need help with sales? Find an expert now.

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