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Mobile Design is at the cutting edge of technology in 2017. Because it sits at the forefront of skill, knowledge and expertise, it continues to develop and progress at a rapid pace.  This continued evolution of mobile design requires a fair bit of up to date information to stay ahead of the game (and your competition). Mobile design tutorials are a brilliant way to up skill and absorb intricate knowledge.

However, a lot of time can also be wasted surfing through endless amounts of tutorial designs, especially if you are a beginner. This article has already separated the good, the bad and the ugly of mobile design tutorials. Whether you are a beginner or experienced designer this article can help you up skill with confidence and efficiency. We have accumulated a list of the 13 best tutorials to learn mobile design.


1. Mobile UI Design for Beginners: Grids

This tutorial explains in detail the purpose of grids and how they are utilized in mobile design. 

Grids are vitally important for building blocks and are essential learning for beginners. This tutorial provides a good grasp of grids and their purpose and function in mobile design.


2. How to Build a Simple Mobile Website with CSS3

CSS is now arguably a dinosaur of mobile site development. It has been consigned to a relic because of its lack of purpose for mobile applications. However, it is not entirely obsolete.

This tutorial describes the simple method to design mobile sites. The limitations of this tutorial’s application are well documented but this should not get in the way of its ability to help beginners develop their own mobile sites with a little bit of class.


3. Accessibility Features on Android 

This Android tutorial is a fantastic overview for the different topographies of Android. It is a great tutorial for mobile design beginners because it explains in detail how to enhance UI elements and test accessibility.

Check out the tutorial here to improve your understanding of how the Android platform works.


4. Design iOS 8 Apps from Scratch: Learn by Designing the Health App in Photoshop 

This video tutorial requires a base knowledge in Photoshop for viewers to properly absorb all the tips. If you are raw to mobile design it may pay to treat the tutorial like a school assessment and review the information as many times as necessary until it begins to sink in.

The 90 minute educational tutorial is a must watch for those mobile designers that have a requirement to maintain iOS 8.  It will remain relevant for some time yet as the cross over to iOS 9 and beyond will take time.


5. How to design a Mobile App Signup Screen in Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most sought after tutorials of mobile design. This tutorial provides an in depth analysis of designing complex analysis in Adobe Photoshop.

The best feature of this tutorial is the clear, precise explanation given to how to manipulate images and make them work for you in mobile design.


6. Adaptive Layout in iOS9

Adaptive Layout in iOS9 is arguably a catalyst for change in the manner it supports several different screen dimensions. This Adaptive Layout iOS9 tutorial provides a profound description of Adaptive Layout and goes into great detail on how to adjust font, layout and size.

Furthermore, it describes elements and features of the universal storyboards making it arguably the most valuable and practical tutorial for iOS designers utilizing adaptive layout.


7. Android UI Tutorial: Layouts and Animations

Layouts and animations can be particularly confusing for budding mobile designers. Luckily this tutorial is a one-stop shop for understanding Android UI animations and layouts.

The tutorial goes into great depth to explain how mobile designers can get the best out of Android Studio for animations and layouts. It is ideal for beginners but will also be of great assistance for pro designers, especially for those looking to nail property and drawing animation.


8. Responsive Data Tables: A Comprehensive List of Solutions

The receptiveness of tables has become a critical UI element. This tutorial article is a fantastic resource for displaying how to create responsive data tables through a variety of JavaScript mediums such as Stacktable.js and Bootstrap.

It is also a great article to learn the traditional CSS method to improve data table responsiveness.


9. Responsive Images in Practice

Responsive design has filtered its way into mobile design over the last few years due to the importance of receptiveness of mobile design. Of course, it is not singularly limited in its application to this particular design but remains vitally important for mobile. This tutorial is a great guide for responsive images.

It provides a solid explanation of the fundamentals and builds on them nicely to show how you can pragmatically build on your responsive imaging preparation.


10. Building Great Mobile Menus for Your Website

A drop down menu is an increasingly important element of any good functional application. App developers and mobile app clients are realizing the importance of a drop down menu for content and compatibility purposes.

This mobile menu tutorial provides great explanation of how to create menus that maximise space, whilst maintaining smooth, crisp linear functionality. It goes into depth on how to develop animations with JQuery and CSS and also provides pointers to create menus that have the important properties of speed and efficiency.


11. Designing Android UI/GUIs in Android Studio

This video is a very thorough tutorial, (almost an hour long) for crafting Android Studio app interfaces for Eclipse operators. It uses a fine-toothed comb approach to show how to design Android UI/GUIs.

Although the video is rather long, it follows a smooth and coherent approach, which is great for mobile designers just starting out.


12. Introduction to Material Design

This tutorial provides a thorough explanation of how the principles of Material Design have developed into a vital pillar of Android design.

There are so many resources available on the Internet that relate to Material Design it can be difficult to decipher what will be helpful from a learning perspective. This material design specification tutorial is a great starting point and should provide a solid platform to expand your knowledge.


13. Material Design with the Android Design Support Library.

Once you have progressed beyond the introduction to material design, the next logical step would be to view this tutorial. The Android Design Support Library tutorial is an indispensible well of knowledge for this resource.

The tutorial provides an accessible code download making it easy to play around with and get the hang of nicely. It is a mobile design tutorial for advanced beginners that are progressing novice programming.


Are you a beginner to mobile design? Or perhaps you are an expert who has now accrued a vast amount of knowledge on the subject? What mobile design resources do you utilize and what would you recommend to beginners in particular? Join the discussion below.

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