Best Entries from the Scavenger Hunt 2016

Slået op d. - Sidst ændret d. recently hosted the Freelancer Internet Scavenger Hunt 2016. Over 11,280 teams from our global community participated by completing tasks from a list of 100+ crazy and cryptic challenges based on recent internet pop culture.


Over 16,800 were submitted and reviewed, and we were impressed by a lot of them. Here are some of the entries that stood out throughout the hunt:  

Challenge 13: Kanye loves Trump

We felt the love straight from the Atlantic Ocean.


Entry from The Freeside Squad. View full video here.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. We say, who wore it better?


Entry from Team Samers

Challenge 9: Angry Birds IRL

Drop your tabs and mobile phones! These teams have taken this game to the real world and we want to try it out.


Entry from Ha Emotions Lab. View full video here.


Entry from Team Envision. View full video here.

Challenge 40: Beat Kim Dotcom at Modern Warfare. Or any video game for that matter

This team tried and succeeded in their own right. scavhuntdigest2-galaxunters.png

Entry from Team Galaxunters. Watch full video here.

An acknowledgement of the victory even came in the form of a retweet from Kim Dotcom.



Challenge 17: Bring me Chuck Norris

And as for this team, they tried…


Entry from Team Ha Emotions Lab


Meet the Winners

After five fun and crazy weeks, a team of freelance graphic designers from the Philippines, Team Mugat, won the US$15,000 Grand Prize for collecting the most number of points. For Team Mugat, their most memorable experience during the hunt was shooting their entry for Challenge #4: Get the party started! Show us your team’s official cheer dance routine. Team Mugat took the party to the streets of Davao del Norte while they performed their team’s cheer dance -- in heels.


Watch the full video of Team Mugat’s cheer dance routine where they even claimed to have had a dance showdown with a traffic enforcer here.


Winners for the special category prizes are:

Paparazzi: Best Celebrity Endorsement -- US$5000

Best Entry: Beat Kim Dotcom at Modern Warfare. Or any video game for that matter.

- Retweeted by Kim Dotcom

Winner: Team Galaxunters from Ukraine


Freelancer Fan: Best promotion of -- US$3,000

Best Entry: A billboard

Winner: FreeSideSquad from Venezuela


Video Superstar: The most creative and best quality video entry -- US$2,000

Best Entry: Re-enact a video game with augmented reality that isn't Pokemon Go

Winner: FreeSideSquad from Venezuela


Social Royalty: Standout entry shared on social media -- US$1,000

Best Entry: A banana, marshmallow and cherry pizza

Winner: Team Envision from South Africa


Registration Challenge #1 -- US$1,000

Best Entry: Best Team Template

Winner: Team Hahaa from Romania


Registration Challenge #2 -- US$500

Best Entry: Best Team Selfie

Winner: Team Hahaa from Romania


Registration Challenge #3 -- US$500

Best Entry: Best Team Theme Song

Winner: Team Galaxunters from Ukraine


Registration Challenge #4 -- US$500

Best Entry: Best Team Cheer Dance Routine

Winner: Team Asgardians from Indonesia


Registration Challenge #5 -- US$500

Best Entry: Best Twitter Shoutout

Winner: Team Envision from South Africa


Fantastic job from all the teams and congratulations to all the winners! Search #ScavHunt2016 on YouTube and Twitter for a full list of entries and watch out for the compilation video.

See you all in the next hunt!


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