5 Ways Your Manufacturing Company Can Sell More

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Business is a complex science, and it requires a lot of effort, smarts, and hard work to be successful. Business trends change with time and era, and you need to adapt along with them. There are countless examples of successful businesses crashing, with Nokia being the most recent one. One of the reasons why these businesses crash is because they are unable to cope with modern trends. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your product is; what matters is whether or not are you using the right strategies to sell it.

The Selling Strategies

Sales are a major part of any business, and of course, you will only get successful once the public purchase your product. By purchase we do not mean a one-time purchase; we mean long-term consumers who become loyal to your company. Selling techniques keep changing and adaptations have to be made with time. Below are five different methods through which you can enhance the sales of your product.

Make Your Digital Presence

The majority of manufacturing companies do not go for online cataloging. Filling this gap will help you in enhancing your sales. However, online cataloging does not mean just putting  your particular catalog online so your customers can download a PDF. This strategy is useful if your consumers are curious about you and they are eager to see your catalog - but it is not a sales tool.

To increase sales, you need to come up with a proper, digital, interactive catalog. For this, you need to develop a comprehensive database that involves all the products you offer. You need to allow your customers to filter and search by key criteria. This method can help you increase your sales by a large amount.

The Right Sales Plan

Getting the right sales plan becomes vital if, rather than having too many small accounts, you have a few big budget accounts at your disposal. If you have a mixture of small and big budget accounts, it is recommended you should develop a proper sales plan for the accounts that are most valuable to you. You can focus on your smaller accounts later.

You need to produce a proper contact list, develop goals for each contact, and then come up with an appropriate strategy to achieve the defined goals. This task can be colossal and time-consuming, but it will undoubtedly increase your profit.

Do Not Differentiate Between Operation and Sales

The manufacturing process is very much dependent on how efficient your operations are. The majority of organizations use Six Sigma tools throughout the company to reduce their costs. Six Sigma tools help in the smooth running of business operations. Every product has its unique selling strategy. Some sales may require 100 different tasks and others may need just a few tasks. Therefore, it is recommended you do not expect your sales to follow a particular set of rules. You just need to keep the sales and the operations well aligned with each other.

Focus On New Customers Instead of Markets

You need to maintain this aspect, and consider that clients are quite different from each other in behavior, buying patterns, personalities, and attitudes. As a business person, you need to find new accounts on an individual basis. Even if you are seeking new accounts in a similar industry, you might see vast differences between the customers, so it’s better that you reach each client personally and use a tailor-made selling concept for each one. Developing a pitch which based on a single template will not work out well. Several unique techniques can be applied as far as individual-based selling or personal selling is concerned. Some of these techniques are discussed below.

  • Try to ask questions of your customer, and engage them in a discussion. Try to make them frank so that they can discuss matters with you openly.

  • You may ask your customer the experience they have had with your product so far. The client's experience will help you in the addressing any concerns they may have.

  • Carefully pitch the product to your customer and ask them if they have plans to repurchase your product. If they have not used the product before, give them a short product presentation

  • Keep following your customer; making a follow-up call or visit must be your priority.

Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle, which is also sometimes referred to as the 80/20 rule, can enhance your business operation and sales. The principle is predominantly applied on sales, and according to this principle, 80% of your business income gets generated from 20% of your customers. The point is that you should focus thoroughly on your key accounts. Some general benefits associated with the Pareto Principle are discussed in the points below

  • The principle can seriously enhance your overall productivity, as you will be able to identify the areas where you can put more effort and improve your sales.

  • The principle can enhance your overall profitability; again, this becomes possible because you can identify the valuable areas of your business.

  • The Pareto chart can help you prioritize your problems.

  • It helps you in the improvement of your customer service, as you can identify your profitable customers, and focus more on them.

Market Toughness

Sales is a serious matter, and negligence in this area will create many problems. Ee live in a holistic marketing environment in which there is very intense competition, and you need to keep abreast of developments. Many companies sell similar products, so the key is how you create a difference. Try to answer this question: “Why should a customer purchase your particular product?” There is a lot of science and techniques involved in this process, and these tactics keep changing with time. As a sales or business person, you need to keep yourself well aligned with the market trends of today. If you are not connected with the world around you, you will inevitably fail.


The techniques mentioned above are not rocket science. Roll up your sleeves and start applying the tactics mentioned above. Do not get frustrated and demotivated if you are not able to implement these methods in the beginning. Always remember that the first step is the most difficult. Just keep trying, and you will succeed. Now you have read this article, do not waste time! Call a staff meeting, and start laying out a plan for your company.


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