11 Striking Free Fonts Every Designer Should Know About

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The world is full of beautiful fonts – choosing the right one for your next project can be a daunting task. Yes! That’s true. Selection of the right font is essential but difficult part in the creative process. This article is mainly focused to help independent designers and digital marketing agencies with some of the best fonts that are available for free download.  

You may have used some of these if you are an experienced designer. However, for beginners, it will be a great asset to use in their projects. Let’s take a rundown on 11 astounding free fonts, that will surely bring improvement to your work.


01 – GistX


This cool typeface was created by Florida based designers Ryan & Rena Martinson. Gistx is basically a family of 12 fonts that includes Regular, Bold (upright & slanted), and Light font, each of which has two different versions. This solid and unique GistX family is available for download free of cost. Let’s check what the creators of this font have to say:

 “It is collision between slab-serif and indie script. The standard characters have the most traditional letterforms, while alternates add funk with swashes and script-inspired curves. The result is a unique modern slab with a vintage/retro vibe.”

Ryan & Rena Martinson

Creators of GistX Font

Download: Yellow Design Freebies


02 - Vintage & Eroded


Vintage & Eroded is a wonderful and funky typeface that is available for personal and commercial use. This beautiful illustrated font is offered by Aleph Corporation from Tehran, Iran.

Zahra Shrazi and Amir Daryani S. are the two designers who put up the hard work to come up with this quirky font. Check out this amazing response from a user of Vintage & Eroded:

This is obviously not an everyday type, but one that will be used for very special occasions like your good jewelry.” An Admirer - Unknown

Download: Sellfy


03 – Langdon


If you know the importance of a good and prominent headlines, Langdon is simply made for you. You can design excellent logos with this modern and contemporary typeface. It includes two types: shadowed (lower case) and solid (upper case).

Steven Bonner from Stirling, United Kingdom designed this typeface and made it free for personal and commercial use.

Langdon uses thick and thin lines that create a great impact, and it has an interesting punctuation.

Download: www.xlntelecom.co.uk


04 - Peace Sans


Peace Sans comes with a special feature that it is compatible with 18 different languages, which creates a lot of choice for its users. The amazing curves make it perfect for headlines, logo design, and posters. The beautiful and bold Peace Sans is good for an aesthetic makeover.  

The credit for this stunning typeface goes to Sergey Ryadovoy of Russia. This is available for use under SIL open font license.

Download: TypeType


05 – Leafy


Leafy is a hand drawn brush font. It is an all upper-case font which looks terrific on titles and headlines. However, it gives an equally ecstatic look when used in the body text. If you want to give a handmade feel to your design, Leafy is the best choice for you.

See how the font creator describes it:

 “Leafy is basically a [font] that represents individuality. You won’t find two leaves that are the same. The same goes for the typeface, there is no glyph the same as others,”

Krisijanis Mezulis

Riga, Latvia

 Download: Wild Type


06 - Big John / Slim Joe


This is basically a family of two fonts. Slim Joe is the light version of Big John. Ion Lucin, a designer from Spain, created Big John/Slim Joe as he likes to experiment with typography.

With all upper-case and geometric style, the two fonts create a wonderful contrast. It also looks fantastic in animation. Anyone can download them for free and use them.

Download: Graphic Pear


07- Sua


Sua is a great rendition of Sans Serif. It is quite rich with seven weights. However, it is important to know that medium weight of Sua is free to download, while the other six weights come with a price.

Using the free version of Sua will give you a fair idea how interesting this hybrid typeface is. The extended curves and wide proportions give it an extra edge to be seen from a distance with ease. 

This font is credited to Fabio Haag from Brazil.

Download: https://fabiohaagtype.com/


08 – Audrey


Created by a female designer Cristina Pagnotta, Audrey is an elegant font with strong feminine feel. It has three weights; regular, medium, and bold. Audrey combines straight lines and curvy geometry, which looks equally phenomenal in headlines and main body text.

Download: Paid for web download: http://www.cristinapagnotta.it/


09 – Sketchetik


Sketchetik is an eloquent and stylish font with a special feel of crayons. It has five different weights; light, regular, bold, black, air.

The light weight is free while the rest are paid versions. It has a handmade feel and is known for being wonderfully legible.

Download:  check out the MyFonts page here.


10 – Mohave


Mohave from Gumpita Rahyu has a flavor of its own when it comes to flat design projects. It is an all upper-case typeface with a tall x-height which makes a bold statement. It comes in regular, bold, and semibold shape. With Mohave, you can create contemporary headlines, titles, posters and anything related.

Download: Dribble


11 – Avene


From the creator of Leafy, that I have listed above, comes Avene. This is not only good for titles and headlines, but it perfectly fits in the body text. It’s a clean and clear font when used in large size. The smaller sizes, on the other hand, becomes a little tough to read from distance.

With Avene, designers can create a feeling of unique attention to the detail. Here is what Krisijanis (the designer who created this font) has to say about it:

“When I first get an idea about a new font I go out into the wild and seek for some natural source of unique presence. Avene has a personal feel and is made to resemble cave scribble, the presentation for the font consists of images of caves of canyons, where one can see and feel the wavy form of the rocks, being smoothly covered by sunlight from the cracks.”

Krisijanis Mezulis

Riga, Latvia


Download: Wild Type

These fonts are available for free for commercial and personal use. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check the license for all the terms and conditions before use. If you know about more interesting fonts, you can add up to the list.

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