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Online content writing may sound very easy and interesting, but a little training is certainly required. It doesn’t really matter if you are writing professionally or unprofessionally, it is always better to do a course that will make you an expert in your field. Whether you’re writing for the web or for marketing requirements, there are many things to consider besides the number of words on a page. Look over the following points if you want to try your hand at content writing.

  • Will you be working for optimization with semantics, keywords or internal linking?

  • How do you plan to write for a multiple or distinct audience or even determine their response?

  • When you have several writers for your blog, how will you ensure a consistent style of writing?

  • How will you go about hiring writers? Should they be experts on the subject matter, or experts at online content writing?

  • How many articles will you be able to write in a week?

  • How will you go about managing the content, responding to comments and making sure there is continuation in links?

  • What analytic reports will you use to arrive at conclusions when it comes to content marketing? How will you post content online?

  • Do you have the experience of incorporating different types of content such as videos, reviews, eBooks, infographics and interviews?

All these factors, and many others besides, have to be determined when you consider making content writing and content marketing a profession. It takes a lot of effort to become an eminent content writer, and is not as simple as it looks. To make things easier for content writers there are several online courses, both free and paid for, that will help you to learn.

Content Writing and Marketing Tutorials

Content writers have to gather information from several sources before they come up with great content. This alone is not enough, as a good content writer will have to do a short-term or extensive course to learn the tricks of the trade. If you search online you will find many online courses relating to content writing and content marketing. Taking a few courses will prove to be helpful for online content writers. Some good courses are listed below.

Skillshare Courses

Skillshare courses start with a free trial period of 14 days and this trial period is enough to do a few courses. After this time period, an annual fee of $96 is charged, which gives you access to all the courses. If you are not interested in purchasing this membership, you can take individual courses for around $10-$20 each.

  • Seth Godin’s Modern Marketing Workshop

Seth Godin has developed a modern marketing strategy whereby you are guided to write descriptions, identify your priorities and also identify the concepts to use. It’s a great course where Godin’s 11 questions are used to guide you.

  • Andrea Goulet Ford’s Content Planning: Be a better Blogger

Andrea Goulet Ford works at Brandvox, which is a company that helps develop business personalities and gets the right content to the right people for the purpose of marketing. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies and many other government agencies. The course is quite impressive, with a simple subject matter and intricate planning that is very helpful for planning your online content.

Udemy Courses

Udemy is a very popular option for taking classes in online marketing. Udemy has free and paid options covering more than 32,000 courses. They have a faculty of 18,000 instructors who have the expertise to teach in more than 80 course languages.

  • Content Marketing Suitable for B2B Enterprises

This content marketing course for B2B by William Flanagan, the Founder and CEO of Audienti, is one of the great courses on Udemy. This course was specifically designed for the requirements of B2B entities. The course includes six sections such as Creating interesting and relevant content, getting the content published for the purpose of conversion and presenting content to your audience.

  • WordPress Basics: Managing your Website

Although it is a little uncommon, content marketing is included in what WordPress provides. It provides an SEO and user experience. This is a basic course and perfect for beginners. It includes cover posts vs pages, media files, content widgets, Content Editor, categories and tags and much more. This course might seem a little confusing for those who are unfamiliar with WordPress.

Coursera Courses

Coursera Courses are becoming increasingly popular. This platform works in coordination with universities and other organizations across the world, making it easily accessible to people who wish to sign up. It is quite similar to Udemy, except that it is a little more costly, and works best with colleges and universities. This has become quite a renowned platform as Coursera entails the largest number of courses in several categories.

  • Content Strategy for the Professionally Skilled (1 & 2)

This course contains two parts, “Engaging Audiences for your Organization” and “Expanding your Content’s Impact and Reach”. The duration of these two courses is six weeks each and is free of charge. After completing the course you can get a certificate from Northwestern University for $49. The course has been designed for Government enterprises, entry-level professionals and non-profit organizations. On the whole, this course offers content marketing in relation to business strategy.

  • High-impact or Impressive Business Writing

This is a Coursera course of just 8 hours, costing $35. The course includes videos, quizzes and readings from the University of California, Irvine. This course focuses on writing as opposed to content marketing. You are taught to write effectively in the present business world for an online audience, and also for online publications such as business proposals and memos. This course is great for improving your writing skills. The course is part of a 10-course series known as Career Success Specialization.

General Website Courses

If you are on the lookout for content writing and marketing courses, you will find several agencies and businesses on the web offering courses by professionals. Two such courses are:

  • HubSpot’s Inbound Certification

This course is not exactly for teaching content writing or content marketing, but it generally focuses on online strategy. You are taught many things such as closing sales, making landing pages and much more. HubSpot is considered to have some of the top short courses as well as being a leading marketing tool on the web, with some great content posted on their blogs. You get a certificate and personalized badge when you pass this course. This badge and certificate can be displayed on your personal website, LinkedIn profiles or emails.

  • Online Marketing Institute: Storytelling Rules for the Digital Marketer

The Online Marketing Institute offers free trial courses such as Skillshare. The institute offers 70 content marketing classes at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. This content storytelling class is distinct, as you grasp the fundamentals of storytelling in such a way that you start writing creative content that is more appealing. Most businesses lack creativity, so this course will provide you with all the facts regarding creativity. This course is perfect for you if you wish to step out of your comfort zone.

These content writing and content marketing courses will prove to be a great help if you want to work as a full-time content writer.

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