11 Best Software Programs For Hassle-Free A/B Testing 

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Testing is important for any web business success, and it has to be done thoroughly. All customers are unique. Being successful in marketing depends on how well you understand your website visitors. Success rarely depends on luck or intuition, but on how well you analyze data.

It is unfortunate that for a small business owner, the task of analyzing data is very technical. The fact that you have read a bit on the subject does not mean money will start flowing. You need to have tools that are powerful enough to help you perform data analysis.

You may be lucky enough to have a marketing crew that will be using these tools. If not, and the onus lies on you as the business owner, you have to learn how to do it. The programs given below are fully supported, and very successful.

1. Google Analytics

In this list, Google Analytics is the only free tool. It forms the basis of all internet data analysis and gives you a chance to gain access to Google's large database. If you’re new to analyzing data, Google Analytics is a good place to start.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can use this tool to bring in cash for your business. It requires you to follow some tips. Analytics has a feature called “Content Experiments” that has the option of letting the user to utilize split-page variants. This means the user has reporting options. The downside is that it has no visual editor, making it not very user-friendly for beginners.

2. Optimizely

If you are a business owner looking to begin testing, Optimizely is the way to go. Installation is simple and straightforward. The interface is easy to use, even for beginners. The plans start from as little as $17 which is very cost-efficient. This does not mean it is a poor product! Optimizely testing software is extremely efficient. It has mobile testing options, plus split and multivariate options as well.

You will be a professional at testing in no time! As you get more and more used to it, you can upgrade to one of the higher priced plans. This does not mean you will have to learn different software. Optimizely is the best option for newbies.

3. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer is very similar to Optimizely, but there are a few differences. First of all, the starting price is $49. It has a user-friendly interface, and seven different testing options:

  • A/B test

  • Multivariate test

  • Targeting test

  • Split URL test

  • Conversion tracking

  • Usability test

  • Heat-maps and tricks

4. Unbounce

Unbounce concentrates only on landing or home pages. They have more than 80 pre-designed templates for landing pages. This is fantastic for newbie business owners who have been unsuccessful with their landing page designs.

Subscribing to Unbounce will give you the opportunity to perform A/B testing on your home page. If you are a marketing newbie, this is the test that is sure to get you results fast. Publishing conversion-optimized landing pages in a couple of hours becomes very easy. One of the best advantages of Unbounce is that it has solid split testing capability, a simple, user-friendly interface and easily integrates with other programs.

5. KISSmetrics

This testing tool is popular for its focus on human data. Data testing and reports are concerned with actual people. Its starting point is $150 a month, with a full one-year commitment. This software, for the price, is a premium service that will give you a lot more for your money. It offers a more in-depth and diverse array of data, and lets you know when and where a disconnection occurs with customers and your site.

For those really serious about data, KISSmetrics is the perfect program. The fact that it’s able to connect data to actual people makes this a great tool for those who are still interested in the old style of reporting.

Visit freelancer.com today and hire an expert in KISSmetrics to help you out in your projects.

6. Crazy Egg

This testing offers a specialty in click-tracking. The essence of all testing is to allow you to comprehend the behavior of your visitors. Crazy Egg software gives you an insight as to what your users do when they visit your website.

As a visual learner, Crazy Egg will give you data from six reports. It presents data in an easy  format that helps you understand the user’s activities. Its entry level is $9 per month. It’s severely limited in scope and the test variety is also as limited. The benefit of Crazy Egg is that it is way easier to use than Google Analytics. It allows you to read data and analyze it without the need for complex data analysis skills.

7. VWO

VWO is very easy to use. It has the ability to change buttons, headlines, images and other things that make it easy to create different testable variations of your site. You can track clicks, revenue, sign-ups and other conversions.

You can build a campaign with the visual builder and undo mistakes, and it has the ability to load pages in the background. Each campaign has a report of how the pages are doing. The heat map clicks will help you track your web visitors clicks and their browsing behaviors.

8. Five Second Test

The Five Second Test lets you focus on the home pages and analyze the key features in your design. It finds out what is memorable about your design after five seconds. This ensures your message is effectively reaching the consumer. It tests your brand name and finds out what stands out to the users. It also finds out what they particularly like and don’t like.

You can choose the number of responses, and you can use your own testers. The tests include The Click Test, Nav Flow Test, Preference test, etc.

9. Convert Experiments

These tests offer multivariate testing and tracking, development tests for jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS with extensive reports. It also offers multi-domain A/B testing, has a visual editor and an easy style sheet for the editing of dynamic content experiments.

These tests merge perfectly with Google Analytics when you want to obtain real-time data.

10. Maxymiser

This is the perfect tool to optimize the user experience and for the creation of high-end, complex campaigns. It has the ability to create and launch a test on any page. The page could be public or secure, using just a single line of code. This is done using the visual editor.

Using the information gathered from the tests, it is easy to identify and get rid of variants that are performing badly. Maxymiser has the ability to build a profile for every visitor. This is determined by the CRM data, clicking behavior and browsing habits.

11. A/Bingo

A/Bingo is free. It is used as a plugin, and is able to test display and behavior differences using one line of code. It is capable of measuring an event and test for statistical importance. It is very fast, and has very little effect on the server load or page loading time.

The A/ tests are code-defined and there is no need for configuration or setup. It logs in the first person to visit the page. Each A/B test’s definition is views or controllers. A/Bingo gives way to multivariant testing and you can build a dashboard or use the one provided.

Are you a data analyst? Have you used any of the programs on this list? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments box!

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